Aldo Solemates

First of all, HEY THERE! Remember me? I know there's loads we need to catch up on and I will definitely fill you guys in on what's been going on and stuff, but I have something pretty cool that I wanted to share ASAP!

Aldo is running a charity event with the Red Crescent on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017. They're bringing back their Aldo Solemates campaign, where you can donate a pair of (gently used) shoes (any brand or size!) and walk away with a brand new pair of shoes! If you get there between 10am - 12pm you will get a free pair of shoes for your donation, and you'll get 50% off any pair if you donate after 12pm.

The event will be held at their Sahara Center branch, which I know is a little out of the way for some of you but is totally worth it! You'll get to help someone in need and get yourself a brand new pair of shoes.

I got a sneak peek of the event and donated three pairs of barely-worn shoes and picked up these babies:

These are Aldo's Brandey heels and I think they're perfect for the summer. The low heel means that I can wear them all night long and the heel really makes them stand out. I think they're perfect for day or night and I'll probably live in them for the next few months!

Let me know if you guys head down! 

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