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New In: Adidas Originals Superstar With Floral Trim

It would appear that my theme for Christmas 2015 is Treat Yo Self. 2015 has been a weird year, and I felt like I kinda deserved a few treats. One of which, I'm really excited about because it's my first Net-A-Porter experience, and my first real foray into the wonderful world of sneakers. 

I came across these Adidas Originals Superstars and pretty much fell in love. Obviously, as a living, breathing human being, I've seen loads of celebrities wearing white sneakers and I've come across dozens of pins on Pinterest. I like these ones because the floral trim gives them a bit of a feminine touch, but the colors are neutral enough that they won't really clash with much. They're made of leather, which I'm hoping means they'll be easy to clean, because I'm pretty terrible at adulting and am constantly making a mess. 

I found these ones on the American Net-a-porter site $80 (AED 293), which was cheaper than on the UK site, where they were £65 (AED 355), and on ASOS, where they were £67 (AED 366). I used standard shipping and were delivered to me (via Shop and Ship) in about six days.

Here's a link to the shoes, let me know if you get a pair!
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