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The New Look Jumpsuit

Call them what you want; jumpsuits, playsuits, one-pieces, I love 'em. I also love black, and I love blouses with collars, so it's pretty accurate to say it was love at first sight with this New Look jumpsuit.

Things I love more than jumpsuits: jumpsuits with pockets. Pockets just make everything so much better. I didn't put anything in these pockets though, because the fabric is a little light and I was worried about ruining the lines. (Fashion thoughts!)

These were shot the day after our first rain of the season! Which was super exciting for those of us living in Dubai, but not so great for these shoes. 

This should still be in stores, but I can't find it on the New Look website. It is, however, available at ASOS! The shoes are on sale right now and available here.

Photos are by the talented Nitin

Soundtrack: Sugar in My Pocket - The Younger Lovers | Loud Places - Jamie XX

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