A Weekend in Musandam - Part Two

Remember when I went to Oman a few months ago? I just realized that I never posted the second part of my trip. You know, because apparently I suck at this whole blogging thing. So here we go.

We checked into the surprisingly delightful Atana Khasab hotel in Musandam, a few hours later than we anticipated, and had some delicious Indian curry (seriously, that chef was amazing). There wasn't much going on that night, so we decided to take the party back to our room. And by 'party', I mean lots of salsa, Amy Schumer, gossip, and way too much Taylor Swift and Enrique Iglesias for three adult women.

We woke up pretty early the next morning, had some gluten-free buns, and headed out to the Khasab museum.

Obligatory coffee and hotel sheets, because blogger.
Oh haii, Zahra and Cassandra!
The museum was really cute, but honestly very similar to the museums in the UAE. It was still cool to check out and we really appreciated the quick lesson on traditional medicine in the city. Always say hi to people in museums, you may get an unexpected private tour.

Then it was time for the real part of the trip. The dhow cruise.
OMG DHOW CRUISE SEW EXCITED. (Custom t-shirts that we made the night before because we #partylikerockstars)

The cruise took us through the fjords, where we stopped to see a few dolphins hanging out. Dolphins just love showing off, don't they? They see boats and are all 'ooh look at me, look how cute I am jumping around in the water'. We get it dolphins, you're adorable and everyone loves you.

We also docked next to some other dhows and jumped out to do a little snorkeling. I didn't do as much snorkeling as just hanging out in the water. I'm such a water baby that I'll just jump into a body of water and happily just float around and chill for as long as I possibly can.

We needed to get home that evening, so we booked a half day cruise which finished around lunch time. The trip didn't end there, we also hung out with some super cute Omani goats and checked out the view from the mountains on the way home.

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