A Weekend in Musandam - Part 1

A couple of months ago, my friends and I decided it was time for a quick weekend getaway. We decided to go to Oman, because a) none of us really had the extra cash to fly anywhere b) my memory of just how steep and windy those mountain roads were was totally off.

We loaded up the car with vegan, gluten-free treats and tons coconut water and drove down to Musandam via RAK. That route (which may or may not have involved a slow drive through Ajman because apparently this is one Emirati who doesn't know her way around the Emirates), allowed us to stop at a few sights on the way.

First stop: the abandoned plane in Umm Al Quwain. There are lots of stories about this plane and you can read about the history here. We just thought it was a cool place to pose for some cool pictures.

Then we drove off and stopped at Al Jazirah Al Hamra, an abandoned pearl diving village in Ras Al Khaimah. This place holds a special place in my heart because it was where I worked on one of my first fashion shoots. It's rumored (mainly among expats) to be haunted, but when I asked my dad he actually laughed at me and said 'the government moved them'. Which would explain why most of the homes are completely empty, I guess you don't really worry about taking your couches if you're running away from demons in the middle of the night! Nevertheless, it's still a really cool place to see.

We got to the Atana Khasab hotel around 8PM, ate some really good Indian curries and were in bed by midnight, haha! It was a long drive.

Stay tuned for part two of our Omani weekend, featuring lots of gorgeous blue water, an Omani museum and lots of adorable Omani goats!

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