My First Outfit Post!

First ever outfit post! I am super excited to share this post (and obviously, really, really, really freaking nervous)...but here goes nothing!

These pictures were taken by Luanne of Weesha's World, who is a much better photographer than I am. However, I have been taking lots of classes on Skillshare, so look out, Luanne! (Lolz) We were at an event at the beautiful Zabeel Saray and stopped to take some pictures because, bloggers.

I am wearing an H&M dress, New Look blazer, Primark sandals (shoutout to my £6 sandals!), and a pair of sunglasses that I bought for about AED 5 at a market in Manila.

I'm still pretty new to prints, but this dress just screamed summer, plus it was super cheap and miraculously available in an XL, so really, I couldn't not buy it. My sister mocks my white blazer, but it works really well in a professional environment in the summer, and I kinda feel like a badass in an 80s Don Johnson kinda way.

Clearly, I need a little work on styling myself, haha!

Oh yeah, my hair has changed since I last blogged! It is quite short now, and very purple (more pics on my Instagram account). But a few weeks ago, it was a little longer and a little bit more silver. I like both, but I am loving my shorter hair for the summer. I'll have another post (or maybe a video?? TEASE!) soon.

 In this picture, I am wearing Eyeko Visual Eyes Liquid Eye Liner, a birthday gift from my good friend and queen-of-the-beauty-enablers, Bonnie. This liner is super dark and so easy to apply, and I loved it during the cooler months. But guess what? As soon as you start sweating, it melts. And it not in a cute, smudgey kinda way. In an 'OMG HAVE YOU BEEN CRYING ALL DAY' kinda way. But I still love it, and will save it for October.

OK, there's my first every outfit post! Three pictures makes a post, right? Do I totally suck at this? Be gentle, I'm a sensitive Pisces with a penchant for sharp objects.

Love, hugs, and lipstick,

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