England Shakes - My Trip To Liverpool

I just got back from a quick trip to visit some friends in England. It's really funny because I generally hate the cold and every time I am in the UK in the winter I'm like 'THIS IS THE LAST TIME'. But I somehow end up going back the next winter.
As Sleater-Kinney so perfectly put it, 'There are no cities to love. It's not the weather, it's the people we love'. So, to all of my friends and loved ones, I implore you, PLEASE stop moving to cold countries. 

Anyway, despite my aversion to the cold, I actually had a really great time. As a Dubai Girl, I am not great with winter clothes ('you may have my short-shorts when you pry them out of my cold dead hands', which almost actually happened), but I think I managed to win the whole layering thing this trip and was able to stay kind of warm (barely alive) outdoors and just warm enough (not drenched in sweat) indoors. HUZZAH. 

My first stop was Liverpool. And after a total of almost twenty hours, boy was I happy to see it. I left my house at 4am, landed in Doha at 7, made it to London by 4pm and had a five hour wait before my two hour train to Liverpool. Never again. I am far too old to be doing that, and not to exaggerate, but it almost broke me. 

Enough complaining, wanna see what I got up to in Liverpool? 

The main reason I went was to visit my best friend Zaina, who was celebrating both her birthday and graduating from her Master's Program with a distinction. She's now on her way to a PhD, along with raising an adorable two year old, so no, she's not totally and utterly impressive at all. 

We started off Zaina's birthday celebrations with dinner at The Smugglers Cove, a wonderful restaurant at the beautiful Albert Dock. The service was great and the food and drinks were SOO good. I definitely recommend stopping by for a meal if you are in Liverpool. Then we headed to The Cavern, an underground club that has been around since the 1950s and is famous for being the first place that The Beatles ever played. No pictures of that, because I suck :(

Smugglers Cove Liverpool
With the Birthday Girl at The Smugglers Cove
The Yellow Submarine and Titanic Liverpool
The famous Yellow Submarine HotelTitanic Boat, and Joker Boat docked at the Albert Docks. 
The next morning, the American in me was seriously craving some pancakes. Unfortunately, it turns out that the Brits have a very different idea of pancakes. We actually came across a couple of Liverpudlian guys who confirmed that British pancakes are usually eaten with lemon and sugar. I know, it's crazy. I'm usually up for trying foreign cuisine, but I really wanted some fluffy pancakes and maple syrup, so we did some research and found just the thing at the Interesting Eating Company. Their Eggs Benedict was also delicious.

Interesting Eating Company Liverpool
*Angels singing*

One morning, we woke up to SNOW! Now, I was born in Denver, but have spent pretty much my whole life in Dubai, so I haven't really experienced snow since I was a little girl. Zaina also grew up in the gulf, so we were both pretty excited.

Snow in Liverpool
In the beginning. 
Snow in Liverpool

Zaina bravely enjoyed the snow, while I stayed indoors, where it was warm and safe.
The freezing, stormy weather continued, but we braved it for a day at the Albert Dock museums. I was really excited to check out the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Tate Liverpool. They were also running a Gretchen Bender exhibit, I had no idea that she directed the video to Bruise Violet by Babes in Toyland. That's one of my favorite songs.

We had lunch at an adorable French place called La Crêpe Rit, where we also took shelter from this:

You can see the waves of rain and hail over the water in the background. 

Andy Warhol Tate Liverpool
Snug as a bug in my super warm, tassled, floral, grandma scarf-blanket. #toocoldtocare
 Andy Warhol Tate Liverpool

Then we popped over to the Maritime Museum.

Liverpool Albert Dock

Liverpool Albert Dock
It was VERY cold and windy.
Liverpool Western Railway Warehouse
But very pretty.
Liverpool Maritime Museum
Zaina made a dashing new friend at the Maritime Museum.
We headed over to the Liverpool Museum, and it started hailing on us. AGAIN. So we popped into the Piermaster's House, which I thought was the PIEmaster's House. I was more than a little disappointed. The house was orginally built in 1852 and in 2003, it was redone to recreate the original house during wartime, complete with random bomb sirens that scare the absolute sh*t out of two women in their 30s.

Liverpool Piermaster's House

Liverpool Piermasters House

We fought the rain, wind, and hail and somehow made it across to the Liverpool Museum. We were both breathless, wrapped up in scarves/whatever we had with us, and clearly so traumatized that one of the guys actually walked up to us to make sure we were OK. Ah, funtimes.

The Liverpool Museum.

Well that long-ass post pretty much covers my trip to Liverpool! 

PS what do you guys think of the little blog redo?


  1. Great post! Love you and so happy you came to visit, what would I have done without you ❤️

  2. Oh, I’m so in love with your blog! So beautiful photos and interesting posts!

    Will be happy to see you in my blog!




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