Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Burjuman

Last Year's Pink Walkathon.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and it's a cause that is very important to me. My grandmother had breast cancer and, unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness among the older Emirati generations which means that the cancer gets detected much later and there is a lower survival rate.
Which is why, while some people find it gimickky and annoying, I think things like Breast Cancer Awareness month are really important.

I will admit that a lot of brands and companies use Breast Cancer Awareness month to sell as many pink products as possible, without even donating or actually supporting any cancer charities. But, there are lots of places that actually try to make a difference.

The Burjuman Center has been running their year-round Safe and Sound campaign for 18 years, and it just keeps getting bigger and better. Their main goal is to raise awareness and they actively reach out to the population and try to educate people on breast cancer and the importance of early detection. They also raise funds to help with patient care.

This year, Burjuman is running the Burjuman Pink Shoe campaign. All you have to do is pick up the vinyls, stick them on the soles of your shoes and upload a photo to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, with the hashtah #pinkBurJuman. The vinyls are AED 10 and the money goes directly to Safe and Sound.

Leopard print sandals from Zara

It's super easy, all you have to do is measure the vinyl to your shoes, peel off the backing, stick it on and voila! Eat your heart out, Christian Louboutin.

Pretty, pink soles!
They are also running events throughout the month, including 10,000 free checkups for women at uniCare.

You can learn more about the campaign by visiting the Pink Lounge at BurJuman and purchasing a pink ribbon or leaving a message on the pledge tree.

You can also pop down to the Pink Book Sale to pick up some second-hand books (they have EVERYTHING!) and take part in the Pink Walkathon at Zabeel Park on the 31st of October. Check out the Safe and Sound website for more details.

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