My Summer Perfume Picks

Choosing the right perfume for summer has always been a little tricky for me, since I tend to prefer heavier, spicier scents. This year, I've managed to venture outside of my comfort zone and go for perfumes that are a little lighter and more feminine. Here's a list of my current summer perfume favorites. 

The Best Summer Perfumes

Calvin Klein Euphoria

Calvin Klein Euphoria has always been a favorite of mine, but Liquid Gold* just takes it to a whole-nother level. I know I said that I've moved away from heavier scents, but I've been wearing this one for a few months, so technically, it's more than just a summer perfume! Sandalwood, black orchid and cinnamon combine here, and the result is so sexy it's almost intoxicating. Plus, the staying power is insane, making this perfect for long, hot Arabian nights. 

I cannot for the life of me remember where I put the lid to the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir bottle. Which is kind of a bummer, since this perfume lives in my purse. It's got berry, honeysuckle and that all important sandalwood (I'm telling you, you can take the girl out of Arabia, but you will never take away her love for sandalwood!). Even though this is supposed to be an 'evening' fragrance, I find it works really well during the day as it leaves a trail, but is light enough to not overpower.

Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid

So I am officially taking back whatever I've said about hating celebrity perfumes. I was surprised by Katy Perry's Killer Queen, and I'm just as pleasantly surprised by this Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid*. I didn't totally catch the orchid in this, the amber and berry tones are what I picked up on first. This one's pretty sweet, but it's great when you're feeling a little flirty in your sundress. It's one of those perfumes that just work and are really easy to wear, you don't have to really think about what outfit to wear it with (wait, don't tell me I'm the only one that does that??)

Lolita Lempicka

I think that out of all of my summer picks, Lolita Lempicka Elle L'aime* is the most definitely the most feminine. Lolita Lempicka fragrances are always a little dreamy and fairy princess-y, and Elle L'aime is no exception. It's very floral, with bergamot, neroli (which I definitely picked up on) and lime, as well as vanilla and sandalwood. I kind of want to spritz this on and twirl around the gardens of Versailles. But I'm here for the summer, so I will make due with putting this on and hitting the Dubai Mall! *sad face*

What are your favorite perfumes for Summer 2014?

*PR samples. 


  1. Lovely picks! Calvin Klein Euphoria is such a beautiful scent, so I'd be curious to check out the Liquid Gold version :)

  2. Oh, you totally have to try it! I think it's my favorite of 2014. It's a tiny bit pricey, but it lasts forever, so you don't have to reapply. And it will make you feel like an Arabian princess, lol! :)


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