Bourjois Nail Tattoos (and The Perfect Nude Polish for Darker Skin)

I always find that summer fashion and beauty trends are a lot more playful than the winter ones. I guess it's to do with the general good vibes and merriment that come with the extra sunshine (not in Dubai, though. Blazing hot temps mean that we tend to stay indoors during the summer!)

So, I think that summer is always a great time to break out fun, nail art. Which sucks if you're like me and have the hand-eye coordination of a toddler. Thankfully, Bourjois has released these really cool nail art tattoos (and some pretty cool nude nail polish!) for the artistically-challenged of us. Read on for my thoughts!


Bourjois nail tattoos come in a small pack of 170 tattoos. Each pack contains two sheets of stickers, so there is a lot to play around with. There are two styles, the graphic tattoos and the slightly more girlie calligraphic tattoos (think dandelions, owls and feathers). My style tends to lean more towards abstract, graphic shapes, so the graphic tattoos are perfect for me.

The tattoos are super easy to apply. Just paint your nails and let them dry, then cut out the tattoo, peel off the backing and apply it to your nail with a damp cotton pad. It literally takes a minute. Once the tattoo is on, just apply a quick top coat and you're good to go!

I applied the tattoos to my nails and my cuticles, but unfortunately the bits on my skin disappeared when I took a shower *sad face*. The ones on my nails are still there, though!

Bourjois actually has a whole range of gorgeous nude polishes to go along with the tattoos. I used Pina Chocolada, a gorgeous light brown. It can be hard to find a decent nude polish for darker skin (too much/not enough yellow or pink and your skin can look ashy) but Pina Chocolada has just the right amount of warmth for me and it's just dark enough to avoid dreaded 'mannequin hands'. It's definitely my new go-to nude!

What do you guys think of nail tattoos? Would you wear these ones? I am definitely sporting the cuticle ones on my next night out.

*These products are PR samples that were provided for consideration of review. 


  1. Never tried anything remotely nail arty. I like that these are not bling-y!

  2. That's what I love about them, too! It's like 'cool-girl' nail art haha

  3. Love how you've placed these- they look super cool! I may have to test these out, as I'm usually pretty lazy with nail art otherwise :)

  4. Thanks! Yeah, I am exactly the same. I am definitely saving these for an event or something hehe


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