The Perfect Orange Combo

Illamasqua Soaked Lipstick and Marquise Nail polish
Illamasqua recently launched their Spring collection, Glamore. The collection is made up of some gorgeous matte lipsticks and beautiful multi-dimensional glitter polishes (GIVE ME ALL THE GLITTER!!) But the real sellers, in my opinion, are the beautiful orange offerings.

Let's start with the polish. Marquise is one of Illamasqua's new Shattered Star polishes. It's got a beautiful orange base that has basically been stuffed full of different sized glitter flecks. And the results are kind of mesmerizing. I generally love orange polishes for the summer, but this baby had me oohing and aahing like a loon. It's not particularly neon or in-your-face, so I think it's a pretty wearable shade. And OMG, it looks beautiful on summer toes. Marquise has been on my toes for weeks.

Illamasqua Marquise Nail Polish
Now for the lipstick. Soaked comes in a super intense, satin finish. It's pretty strong, and while I love the shade, I haven't been able to wear it full-on yet. I have been dabbing it on and wearing it as more of a stain. I know that orange can be a hard shade to wear, especially on darker skin, so I'm trying to ease myself into it. For now, I'm happy with the little burst of color that I get from it. It makes me feel like one of those super cool LA girls that wear Jeffrey Campbells with their Nasty Gal rompers.

Even as a stain, Soaked has that Illamasqua lasting-power. This stuff doesn't budge, making it an even better option for sweltering summer nights. Hey, the name kinda makes sense now!

Me, trying to be cool in Illamasqua Soaked Lipstick
Are you into Summer Oranges? What are your favorite shades?


  1. Ah, I'm such a huge sucker for orange lips and nails (especially in the summer), so I' loving both of these shades! The lipstick looks great on you :)

  2. beautiful orange suits you!

  3. I can do orange toes and nails but not lips - don't have the right skin tone to carry it off without looking like Ronald McDonald!

  4. beautiful polish.

  5. You know, I worried about that as well. So I started off slow, by just dabbing it on. That seemed to do the trick :)


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