The Entertainer Body App is Here!

I've already reviewed The Entertainer Dubai app,  an electronic version of the awesome 2-for-1 voucher book. But in case you're sitting there thinking something like 'food vouchers? BORING!', check this out...they also have the Entertainer Body which features hundreds and hundreds of spa, salon, gym and even beach club vouchers. Exciting!

I'm not going to go through the whole spiel about how awesome the Entertainer mobile products are. They basically give you the freedom to use your vouchers without having to carrying a giant book around. I've also been really impressed by how well trained all of the staff at the outlets are. I've used my app dozens of times and everyone always knows exactly what's going on.

What makes the Body book so exciting (apart from being able to use them at outlets like Tips and Toes, Anantara Spa and Zen Yoga) is that you don't even have to share them. You can pay for your first session and use your voucher to get the next one for free! Woohoo! Of course, you can still use the vouchers with someone else and split the discount.

The mobile version gives you access to 275,000AED of savings across Dubai (and there are also a few vouchers for Sharjah) right from your phone. So, it's definitely one worth checking out, especially if you're a little bit of a grooming enthusiast like me.

UPDATE (August 2014):
I recently used a voucher to get my eyelash extensions done at Tips and Toes. On the app, there are about ten Tips and Toes branches and each one had a voucher for eyelash extensions. But it turns out that when you use one voucher it counts as redeemed at all of the branches. So really, you only get one voucher out of the ten. I couldn't find anything in the conditions that noted this, so unfortunately I had to check with The Entertainer via Twitter (they were super helpful and replied almost immediately). I was told that this is the case with a few of their vendors. This might not be a big deal, but I just thought I would mention it because it might make a difference to someone who wants to buy the book.

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