Acuvue 30 Day Challenge Results

You've hopefully already read my post about Acuvue's 30 Day Challenge that I recently took part in. The challenge involved trying their daily contact lenses while I try out new experiences. So, here's what happened!

The first challenge was a one and a half hour yoga class at Zen Yoga in the Town Center. Raise your hands if you know how frustrating it is when your glasses fall off during the downward dog! That's actually a problem I have quite a bit, haha. I wore these contacts and because they are disposable, I could just throw them out at the end of the class. I really love daily contact lenses because you don't have to worry about cleaning and storing them. Just pop them out and throw them in the trash when you're done.

Another bummer about working out with glasses on is that they always fog up when I get all sweaty! And I sweat a lot, thanks to genetics. I'm now totally converted to wearing contact lenses whenever I work out.

Sweaty and makeup-less, but I can see!
The second experience I had was a makeover at MAC. To be totally honest, I was a bit nervous about this because my eyes tend to water a LOT when someone else does my makeup. But I powered through for the sake of beauty! I had my makeup done by one of the trainers and I requested a subtle smokey eye and plum lip that I thought would be perfect for winter.

I will one day learn the art of the 'selfie'
The whole process took about 30-40 minutes. It started with a light spray of Fix+ and then the eyes were done (I had my eyes closed so I didn't really pay attention haha) before the base was put on. I asked for a really light base because I'm not a fan of heavy foundation. There was some light contouring and cream and powder highlighters, which I LOVED. Then it was time for the lips, which I am obsessed with! She used Currant liner on my lip line and the smudged in Ruby Woo. What a great mix!

All the makeup! On my wishlist are the foundation, lipstick and that loose bronzing powder, it was soo pretty!
I also had some false lashes put on, which I was pretty concerned about. I was afraid I'd react to the glue or it would bug my contacts. But nope! It was perfectly fine. The whole process was a blast and there was no watering, redness or irritation at all. Yay! :)

Well there you have it, my Acuvue 30 Day Challenge results! I have totally converted. My eyes don't get as dry as they do with monthly contacts and I am super pleased that they didn't water when I got my makeup done!

Do you wear contacts? What brand do you normally wear? If you'd like more information on the contact lenses that I wear, please check out :)

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