RiRi Hearts MAC Diamonds Cream Color Base

Rihanna Makeup Collection
RiRi Hearts MAC Diamonds Cream Color Base Box
Rihanna Makeup Collection
RiRi Hearts MAC Diamonds Cream Color Base Packaging
MAC Diamonds Cream Colour Base
MAC Diamonds Cream Color Base
So Rihanna's MAC collection finally hit Dubai this week. I headed to the store in the early hours of the first day, but most of the lipsticks and lashes were already sold out :(  I'm guessing that's due to them allowing people to reserve products before they come out. I had seen swatches of the Riri Hearts MAC Diamond Cream Color Base online and really wanted that (along with some of the lipsticks) so I was really glad it was still in stock!

Diamonds Color Cream Base is a 'golden shimmer cream' that looks AMAZING on my NC42-44 skin tone. I think it would look great on anyone with a slightly darker or warmer skin tone. 

I've worn it over my foundation as a last touch of highlighter (God, I love that 'glow'!) on my cheekbones, inner eye and cupid's bow. I also used it on a friend and it looked gorgeous! It's easily buildable, so you can go as subtle-glow-from-within to as RuPaul's-Drag-Race as you like!

One thing I did notice is that it might bring out pores and creases. So just make sure you do enough skin prep or use a smoothing primer before you use it. It's worth the extra effort. 

As for the packaging, I think the rose gold is gorgeous, but the plastic casing seems a bit dinkier than MAC's usual plastic. I guess that is due to the metallic effect. It's still pretty though!

RiRi Hearts MAC Diamonds Colour Cream Base
Swatched heavily on the left and blended out on the right.

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