Quick and Easy Messy Bun in Three Steps

I'm a pretty lazy person. Yeah, I'll admit it! Especially when it comes to washing and styling my hair. There's just so much of it and it takes so much time! So, I thought I would share my quick and easy OMG-I-overslept-but-need-to-be-at-an-event-in-20-minutes go-to style. I like to use a bun ring, or hair donut, for a super quick and easy, messy topknot.

Start with messy hair (I sometimes add a little serum, but that's about it!) I find that the messier your hair, the better!

Step 1 - Pull your hair into a high ponytail.
Step 2 - Slide the bun ring or hair donut on to the base of your ponytail.
Step 3 - Use bobbi pins to pin your hair into place. (I like to pin mine really haphazardly, because  I prefer my bun to look a little messier)

My partners in crime:
Hair Donut
The biggest Bun Ring EVER (Sleep-In Rollers XL Bun Ring), Bobbi Pins and a Ponytail Holder

Have any of you tried these bun rings? What are your favorite 5 minute hairstyles?

PS I am obviously still getting the hang of taking pictures of myself, lol! Please feel free to share your tips! :)

*Bun Ring was provided by PR. For more information, please read my disclaimer.

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  1. Totally love this. Is it just me or does your pink hair look red here? Or did you color it again?


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