Nail Tips From OPI's Joey Brown

I recently attended an event for OPI, where I was able to meet OPI's international spokesperson and expert, Joey Brown. Joey spends her time traveling around the world to train nail technicians and industry consultants, so, of course, I had to ask her some nail-related questions! She told me all about the latest trends and also how to keep your nails in tip-top condition!

Joey Brown

1.  We are approaching fall and winter, what are your favorite nail trends of the season?

Joey Brown: I feel that nails with shorter length and oval shape wearing the new fall colors look amazing!

2. What are your favorite OPI polish shades for fall/winter 13?

JB: We have the most gorgeous blues and a holographic color that changes in different light are my most favorite.
Incognito in Sausalito, Tiffany Case, Alcatraz Rocks

3. How do you feel about nail art? It seems like it is here to stay for a while, how would you recommend incorporating into day-to-day wear for those of us who are new to it?

JB: Nail art looks terrific – and it doesn’t have to be so ornate.  It can be as simple as the new Liquid Sand (textured nail art), or a simple one finger with a different color – your signature nail.

My Liquid Sand picks: It's All San Andrea's Fault, Alcatraz Rocks, Tiffany Case, Vesper
4. Biters often have short, weak nails. Can you please recommend some OPI products to help strengthen nails and make them grow faster? Any tips on breaking the habit?

JB: Oh yes, Nail Envy – a wonderful nail treatment with different formulas.  Simply apply 2 coats on a dry nail and you can follow with a nail lacquer color – then every two days apply Nail Envy on the top for at least 7 days.  This will strengthen the nail and will keep from breaking.  Then at the end of the week.  Start the process over again.  And keeping the cuticles moisturized with our cuticle replenishing oil.

OPI Nail Envy and AVOPLEX Cuticle Oil to Go

5. I love glitter and I think it's great for the holidays, but sometimes I feel a bit too old for it. Do you have any tips for wearing glitter polish for the over 25 crowd? What are your favorite OPI glitters?

JB: Glitters are fun for all ages.  Why not just tip the nail or simply apply over the existing nail lacquer for just a hint of sparkle? – My favorites right now come from the OZ Collection.

(And just for funsies, here's a picture of me in Minnie Mouse ears at the event!)

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