Marc Jacobs Beauty in Dubai

Marc Jacobs Beauty
Marc Jacobs Beauty

It's heeerreee!!!! *balloon and confetti drop*

Marc Jacobs Beauty line will be available exclusively at Sephora stores across the UAE, starting from November 16th. So everyone mark you calendars and make sure you head out early.

I attended the press launch for the line and got to have a play with a couple of products, the Magic Marc'er eye liner and Boom Boom Lust for Lacquer full coverage lipgloss. Here are my thoughts!

Marc Jacobs Boom Boom Lipgloss
Marc Jacobs Boom Boom Lust For Lacquer

Boom Boom Lust for Lacquer is a beautiful bold pink lipgloss. It is super pigmented and just glides onto the lips. It's infused with champagne-grapes (though I couldn't taste them..) It's packed with antioxidants and tastes a little minty, which I wasn't expecting, but totally loved. This lipgloss has literally taken me from a lipstick only girl back into the loving arms of glosses. I love how opaque the color is, but the shine makes it really sexy and fun. Since it's a gloss, it doesn't last as long as I would like it to, but then again, what girl doesn't want to grab a Marc Jacobs lipgloss out of her purse to reapply?

Marc Jacobs eye liner
Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Precision Pen
As much as I loved Boom Boom, Magic Marc'er has totally taken the cake for me. The tip is super soft and very thin, so you can easily go as thin or as thick as you like. It's also suuuper dark and suuuper glossy, which I love. I prefer glossy liners because I feel like they are a little bit more modern. The best part about this liner? I wore this to roller derby practice, which is about an hour and a half of skating like a maniac (no joke, I have sweat running down my face) and it didn't smudge or budge at all. But what's even better is that, come bedtime, it removes really easy with a few swipes of makeup remover. So I am free from my usual eyeliner war. This is definitely going to be repurchased!

The collection seems to really live up to it's reputation and I think they did a great job at mixing function with fashion. The prices are more reasonable than I expected, too, ranging from 100AED (for the Highliner gel pencils) to 285AED for the Bronzer Brush (which is totally going on my Christmas list!)

So don't forget to hit Sephora this weekend!

Have any of you tried Marc Jacobs Beauty? What are your thoughts?


  1. Beautiful gloss I just cant get it here in Pakistan I hope I find some Mark jacobs beauty when I go to Saudia.

  2. Marc Jacobs always seems a bit to pricey for me, but they are lovely and seem amazing!


  3. i love their packaging! Toally worth the splurge

  4. Good luck!! Let me know what you get :)

  5. it is a bit pricey, but I think compared to other designer makeup ranges *cough*tom ford*cough* it's not so bad :)

  6. Isn't it beautiful? the only issue is finger smudges on the sleek black parts. But nothing a good wipe can't solve! :)

  7. I was their first customer lol 😍😍

  8. i want to try them badly hehe <3 ur reviews are awesome! Btw just looked into ur "About" im also half Arab with African Heritage :D hollah hehe


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