Faces Lip and Nails Event

Faces recently held an in-store event to teach women how to find their undertones and choose the best makeup and lip colors to compliment them.

They kicked off the event by inviting a few bloggers to learn about undertones and play around with some makeup. Each blogger was given a model and asked to do her makeup and nails, choosing colors that complimented the model's undertones.

Me getting straight to work on my model!
Faces has a huge selection of Sally Hansen products, and we also used some gorgeous Givenchy lipsticks
Totally focused!
My gorgeous model for the day.
Nails to match the lips!
The rest of the bloggers and their models (from right to left: Flo from Hint of Beautiful, her model, my model, me, Tinayums from Tinayums.com, her model, Mona from Adventures in Monaland and her model)

I went with a slightly summery theme for my model. I used bronze and gold tones on her eyes and cheeks and finished with a gorgeous coral on her lips, which I got by mixing fuchsia and tomato red lipsticks.

All in all, it was a fun experience. If you have been wondering why certain lipsticks don't look good on you, or have been killing yourself trying to find the perfect red lipstick, head down to Faces and get one of their artists to show you the exact shade that will stop people in their tracks!

*Thanks mom for taking these awesome pictures and cheering me on!! Love you!!

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