Xen-Tan Tinted Moisturizer with 24K Gold Leaf

So here's the truth: I had never tried any fake tan before this one.  I've been blessed with naturally brown skin, so I never really had to. However, because I'm afraid of the sun (wrinkles and what not!) I don't tan very much and my legs are always a lot lighter than the rest of my body. Not a great look when sporting a pretty dress!

Enter Xen- Tan's Tinted Moisturizer with 24K Gold Leaf.

As if the bottle wasn't gorgeous enough, this stuff smells delicious. It kind of smells a bit like melons to me. (haha you will have to let me know if it smells the same to you!) It comes in a light gel base that I found to be rather cooling, and also has gorgeous, tiny, gold karat sparkles.


The shimmer particles are probably my favorite part of this product. It makes my legs look like they're glowing, but not like I lost a fight with a glitter bomb. This is essentially a tinted moisturizer, so it's great for self-tan virgins like me, since it's so easy to use and the results are subtle, yet beautiful. If your skin is lighter than mine then you will notice a bigger difference, but the way this is formulated makes it super easy to blend out, so you won't have to worry about streaks.

I was kind of worried because I tend to sweat a lot, but the tan managed to hold it's own and didn't get patchy or streaky. I loved this so much that I took it on vacation with me!

You can find Xen-Tan 24K Tinted Moisturizer in Sephora for 190AED. I seriously recommend trying this out, so if you're not in Dubai then you should check out the Xen-Tan website and see if it's stocked near you.


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