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I'm gonna be honest with you guys, it is HOT out there! We may managed to put off summer for a couple of weeks, but it's here and it is here with a vengeance.

One of my favorite makeup tips for beating the heat is to wear a bold or bright lip. That way you don't really have to wear much else on your face. And the less makeup you wear, the less you have to worry about melting off. A lot of people have asked me about lipsticks that last all day and don't slip off. Well, I've got your answer today!

Sleek Makeup is famed for it's eye palettes, but they get rave reviews for their lip and face products as well. I've only tried a few of their lipsticks but they all seem to have amazing lasting power and great pigmentation. I was recently sent two of their brand new Lip 4 Palettes to try out, and I've already taken shown them to almost everyone I know.

sleek lipsticks
Sleek makeup Lip4 Lipstick Palettes in Showgirl and Siren
Let's start with Siren. Each shade in this palette has orange tones, making them perfect for summer. The description says that there are matte, satin and gloss shades in here and I love the variety of textures.

Sleek Makeup Lip4 Palette in Siren. Shades clockwise from top left: Love Me, Desire Me, Kiss Me, Miss Me

Shades clockwise from top left: Love Me, Desire Me, Kiss Me, Miss Me 
Love Me and Kiss Me are my favorites from this palette. Between the matte texture and peachy tone, I found Miss Me to be pretty hard to apply. I'm pretty sure if I used lipliner and did it the right way it would have been a lot easier, though.

Sleek Makeup Lip4 palette in Showgirl. Shades clockwise from top left: Lola, Vegas, Dancer, Jewel
Showgirl is definitely one for the girlie girls! Packed with four different shades of pink in three different textures, there is a pretty pink for everyone.

Clockwise from top left: Lola, Vegas, Dancer, Jewel
I actually really like every shade in this palette, except for Jewel, which is a little too Nicki Minaj for me!

Most of the shades  (apart from the super glossy ones)  wear pretty well. I got a good 6 or 7 hours out of Dancer, and that was even when I was running to events all day. The rest of the matte and satin shades last pretty long as well and I didn't feel the need to touch any of them up. 

The negative thing about these palettes is that I'm worried the glossier lipsticks will melt quickly in the Dubai heat, even if you keep them in your handbag. So just look out for that! Otherwise, I think these palettes are great. They are the perfect size to throw into a clutch and I love the variety of looks you can get from each of them. 

You can order these online at!

*These products were sent to me as press samples


  1. I like siren..

  2. Hey gorgeous !
    i tagged you to do the ♥ Colours of the Rainbow ♥ tag !

  3. It's really summery, isn't it? :)

  4. that's so true! i can't wait to mix them together and make even more shades! :)

  5. Thank you!! It's a great tag. I'll put it up as soon as I have the chance :)

  6. I lol'd at Nicki Minaj part :P I actually like them all! Usually I'm not a big fan of lip product palettes, but this would be awesome to have if you do makeup on others, so you don't have to bring one billion lipsticks with you :D

  7. hahaha I couldn't think of another way to describe it! :) I'm also a fan of palettes for my makeup kit, they keep everything so organized :)


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