My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Ah, Instagram.  There are things I dislike about it (call me old fashioned, but sticking up a picture of your favorite lipstick does not make you a "blogger" and I really don't think people should be allowed to buy followers or sell exotic animals on there) but there are things that I just LOVE about it. Like Instagram-stalking people! Mainly the following people. Here's a list of the accounts that I Instagram-stalk the most. You're gonna want to follow them!

What happens when two of the most creative people in fashion decide to run an Instagram account together? It's basically just an explosion of amazingness. This fashion power couple makes me want to sell everything I own and travel the world. Although, I would look nowhere near as good as they do when they do it!

Between her amazing wardrobe, adorable German Shepard and insane ability to rock a red lip, Nora is one of my favorites on Instagram. I mean, look at the girl! She's just so cool. The fact that she's one of the sweetest people I've met online just makes me love her more. And by 'love', I mean 'want to kidnap her, steal her wardrobe and force her to teach me how to make my Instagram filters look that awesome'.

This lovely lady has been taking the city by storm. The ultimate it-girl, Drusilla has been popping up at Dubai's coolest parties, venues and um, construction sites. Let me know if you spot her around town, I haven't been lucky enough :(

It's Weesha's World and we just live in it. Luanne has a kickass wardrobe and three adorable cats. The fact that she has the same sarcastic (some would say evil) sense of humor as I do just makes me love e-stalking her even more. Check out the images of her trip to Istanbul - girlfriend has me checking flights already!

Katie is a stunner, that's for sure. I don't know how this woman manages to look so good when she always seems to be jetting around the world! Her Daily Face pictures have got me itching to try electric blue eyeliner. She is also the Global Color Ambassador for Butter London, so look out for her amazing nail work but be prepared to be very disappointed by your own boring nails.

Yi-Hwa admits that she is a little 'Instagram obsessed', but I love it! During the day she works for one of the city's biggest magazines, but during her spare time she blogs about her two loves; food and traveling. Her pictures always look so amazing and they always make me want to shop and eat (sometimes at the same time!)

As you can guess, I spend a fair amount of time on Instagram. You can always follow me (aseyainthedesert) for little snippets of my life, mainly my cat, my makeup and my roller skates!

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  1. Aww you just made my day!! You're SO sweet Aseya! & yes, you kidnapping me would be pretty sweet too - we could finally meet! Haha. ;D
    You're awesome, thank you! x


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