Lycon Wax at Sisters Beauty Lounge

The treatment room at Sisters Beauty Lounge Mall of the Emirates
I was recently invited to try out Lycon Precision waxing at Sisters Beauty Lounge in Mall of the Emirates. I'm not going to lie to you guys, I'm usually the girl that shaves her legs about 5 minutes before she leaves the house, so I was a little worried about the pain factor. But I had read and heard a lot of great things about Lycon wax and how painless it is, so I decided to put on my big girl pants and give it a whirl.

Lycon Precision Wax was developed in Australia by beauty therapist Lydia Jordane, who created her very first wax on her kitchen stove as a teenager! The wax is renowned for it's special blend of natural resins, essential oils and beeswax.

For me, the most impressive aspect is the process. It isn't a case of just slapping on the wax and ripping it off. Lycon has a range of pre and post wax products that really make a big difference. I was especially impressed by the Pre-waxing Oil, which sticks to the skin making sure that the wax only grabs the hair. I think that makes a huuge difference!

Some of Lycon's pre and post wax products
I got my legs waxed first using the strip wax and while it wasn't 100% pain-free (on a scale of 1-10, I'd say it was about a 2) it was definitely the smoothest wax I've ever had. I was worried that the hairs on my legs weren't long enough to wax, but the wax strip picked up every single little hair! I was definitely impressed.

But...I was even more impressed by the hot wax that was used on my underarms. It only took a couple of minutes for each underarm and I honestly felt NOTHING. I was like 'wait..was that it?' I was converted right then and there!

Lycon Precision wax is available at salons across the city, including Sisters Beauty Lounge. They will also be at BeautyWorld Me, which is the largest international trade fair for beauty products in the region. So pop down if you'd like to meet the lovely Lycon ladies! They will also be hosting a workshop after the exhibition and are offering free training and a 5% discount during the exhibition!

Have you ever used Lycon Precision Wax? Do you prefer to wax or shave?


  1. after reading all the rave reviews about lycon wax I tried it on my face and neck, 3 days later I got painful breakouts all over. I had taken a patch test a month ago, because I have never tried face waxing before. now it has been a week since the wax and the breakouts are simply not going away. will never recommend this to anyone.

  2. Eeks, that sounds really painful! Did you get it done at Sisters? You should definitely let them know about this. If the patch test went well then it's possible that something else caused a reaction, but it could also be due to something like bad hygiene. Definitely let the salon know, that's not a normal reaction to wax. Hope it heals soon!


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