La Riche Directions Semi-permanent Conditioning Hair Color

One of the worst things about having bright hair is color-fade, so when my friend Emi recommended La Riche Directions hair dye, I ordered it right away.

Directions Hair Color
La Riche Directions Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color
I ordered my dye from, a really great website that stocks the full range of Directions as well as other brands like Special Effects and Manic Panic. What I love about that store is that they have a gallery of pictures that people have sent in, so you get to see what the color looks like on people's hair. I went through the gallery and chose to buy La Riche Directions in Cerise and Flamingo Pink.

Direction Flamingo Pink
Directions Cerise and Flamingo Pink
Each tub is contains about 88ml of dye, so they are pretty small. I ordered two of each color because I didn't want to run out. I used shop and ship to deliver mine, but I believe that BeUnique actually does ship internationally.

Directions Flamingo Pink (left) and Cerise (right)
Directions Flamingo Pink up close and personal
The dye is a little gooey, it's almost a jelly-like texture that is pretty cool because it doesn't drip. The only issue I had with the dye is that it will stain anything and everything for the first few washes! I've got a few pink collars and pink towels now. I managed to get it out of my tiles, but I guess that just taught me to be more careful! And you will definitely want to wear gloves. Trust me. 

But it's all worth it! I have only used Flamingo Pink so far, and it lasted over a month before I felt the need to touch it up. Even then, I only redid it because the color wasn't as bright as I like it. My hair was still pretty pink, which was amazing!

The tubs are pretty small, at 88ml you don't get a lot of product. But because the color lasts so long you don't need to use it very much. And because of the thick texture, you don't need to use much of it. I've used one tub to dye my hair twice now, and I've still got half of it left. 

If you've got pink hair (or any other bright color!) this is the dye for you. It's super cheap (each tub is 4 UK pounds) and it lasts forever!


  1. Hi dear!

    what a great color you have here !my little sis wants to get purple locks , do you think this dye will work ??

    thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment , it really made me happy !!


  2. Hello! It should work for her! If her hair is really dark she will have to bleach it first, though :)


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