Hairworks Jumeirah Beach Road

If you have bright colored hair, or you want to put something crazy like pink or green in your hair, I've got the perfect salon for you!

I was recently contacted by the lovely staff at Hairworks Jumeirah Beach Road to see if I would like to pop in and check out their brand, spanking new salon. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by their awesome manager Jay who was super excited that I have pink hair (she has pink hair, too!) I was also introduced to head stylist, Zahira, one of their top stylists. Funny coincidence, it turns out that Zahira and I actually went to beauty school together! Talk about a small world :)

The hair stations at Hairworks Jumeirah Beach Road
The salon is gorgeous. It has lots of natural light, which makes the whole place feel really spacious and airy. They also stock full ranges of Kérastase and Redken. Hurray!

The shampoo section is closed off from the rest of the salon, so it feels a little calmer and more relaxing when you are getting your massage
Jay offered to pump up the pink in my hair for me, since it was starting to fade a little bit. She also suggested adding in a little bit of purple, which turned out to be an amazing idea! Then I was treated to the Oleo Relax mask by Kérastase mask that would help smooth my hair and make it softer. The mask was left on my hair and then I was treated to the most amazing scalp massage!

Next, Zahira worked her magic on my hair. She gave me pretty, prom-queen waves that lasted for like three days. If you know me, you know how much I love me some big hair. So let's say I was more than happy about that. 

pink hair dubai
Pink hair at Hairworks! (Photo borrowed from Jay's Instagram)
Their selection of Redken and Kérastase
The whole team at Hairworks is amazing. They are all really sweet and super talented. And best of all....they stock all sorts of crazy hair colors! I highly recommend them if you are thinking of adding a little oomph to your 'do. Bright colors can easily go wrong, but they know just how to make them work.

Haircuts start at 255AED and color starts at 100AED for just a tint or gloss. Give them a call on (04) 385 4777. You can also check out their Instagram account and Facebook page to check out some of their awesome work.


  1. I am now stalking YOU! Beautiful blog, and I love the content. :)

  2. Hey, I was there and I saw U but didn't recognise U cos U look different in reality lol

    It was my first visit and I wasn't happy with the result neither with the value of money

  3. Hey! Oh, it's a shame you didn't recognize me...the pink hair didn't tip you of? :) I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a great experience. What did you have done? Do you have any comments I can pass on to the manager?

  4. hahaha, I had a doubt that day since you were wearing specs...Do you remember a tall girl in the corner...

    Thanks a lot but i wasn't happy with the result of the color and they applied a treatment which I didn't aware about and have not been told that will be additional fees

  5. Hey sorry, I don't know what happened to your last comment (I only got it via email)

    I didn't really notice anyone, but to be honest, I had fallen on my tailbone a few days before, so I was in a lot of pain!

    It's not good that you weren't aware of extra charges. I will pass that info on!


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