CND Shellac Summer 2013 Collection

CND Shellac Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: (Left to right) Cake Pop, Azure Wish, Lilac Longing, Limeade (the collection also includes a sheer, shimmery shade called Grapefruit Sparkle)
CND welcomed this summer with a collection of  beautiful pastel Shellac polishes. I was invited to try out the collection at the brand new Tips and Toes Nail Haven in Al Barsha. It was kinda rough at first because I did get lost, but once I got some more directions, it was pretty easy to find. The nail area in the new branch is huge! Although it still looks exactly like the other ones and the service is exactly the same quality as well. They must have a really great branding team!

The giant nail room
Onto the actual Shellac service...I chose to go with the beautiful Lilac Longing. I originally wanted to go with Cake Pop, but when I was told that it was the most popular option I decided to switch it up. I got a full Shellac manicure, which included a short arm massage and full cuticle grooming, and took about an hour. It's been over ten days and my manicure is still going strong! Not a chip in there at all, which is great! I didn't have the greatest experience with my last Shellac manicure, but I am super impressed with this one. I think it's because my nails are in much better shape. They are still peeling, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was last time. Yay!
Shellac polish
Shellac Lilac Longing
I was all about the neons last summer, but this collection may have changed my mind. What do you guys think? Are you fans of Shellac? Will you be rocking a little pastel polish this summer?


  1. wow! I love the colors of this collection! :D I would definitely try the Limeade! :D

  2. It's really pretty and summery isn't it? I don't normally go for greens, but this one is super pretty!


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