NOTD: I Tried Polka Dots!

You know how you always see pretty nail art on Pinterest and you think 'hey, I could do that!' So you try it out and realize that 'no, you can't really do that'?

Well, I was sent two beautiful polishes from Bourjois 150th anniversary collection. And they were so pretty and complemented each other so perfectly that I thought I would give polka dots a whirl! Here's my attempt :)
Not the greatest first attempt, but better than I expected it to turn out!
These polishes each represent a year in Bourjois' history. 1879 is a beautiful green that represents the creation of Java rice powder, an essential product of the time. The polish texture is gorgeous and a one-coater when worn on it's own.

1995 is super pretty and feminine! It's a slightly iridescent pink to represent Bourjois' "Grains De Beaute", their shower gel line. I really love this color and it's also got a lovely texture, I got a beautiful opaque pink with just two coats.

Bourjois 1995 and 1879

So hopefully you're done laughing at my attempt at polka dots and can tell me...what's your favorite DIY nail art technique?


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