Naturom Skin Care Products

I was recently introduced to a French skincare brand called Naturom. Naturom products are based on the idea that you can get the best quality skincare from plants, and they don't believe in sacrificing anything when it comes to providing the best results. There are lots of great things about Naturom, but one of the most impressive (to me, at least) was that they extract the purest essences from plants and then filter out any of the components that can cause allergic reactions. Which mean that all of their products are completely hypoallergenic. They also have a few products with Arabic names, which they did as a thank you to their Middle Eastern clients. How sweet is that?

Some of the products in the Naturom range
I was introduced to Naturom by Dr. Sofia, their UAE representative. We met for coffee and she told me all about the brand, and pretty much sold me on it. Dr. Sofia began working with Naturom after she tried out the products. She was so impressed with how well it improved the condition of her skin that she began working with them! Each of the products are super effective, but gentle enough that you can even use the masque and peeling serum on your eyelids!

Dr. Sofia popped over to my house to give me a facial with Naturom products so that I could try them out myself. And oh my gosh, you guys! My skin literally felt baby soft for about ten days afterwards.

Clockwise from the top left: The ingredients in the mask, getting the mask applied, me being super blissed out, Dr. Sofia mixing the mask together
The Myrtus Purifying Facial Mask was probably my favorite product. Naturom created a base mask with lots of beautiful nourishing oils and waxes like olive oil and beeswax. They believe in using the freshest ingredients for maximum potency, so all you have to do is mix some of the mask with the best fresh ingredient for your skin. Dr. Sofia used a little bit of lemon juice for my skin to clear up a few of the breakouts I was having. Because the mask has so many nourishing ingredients, it sort of soaks into your skin. Mine was literally almost all absorbed before it was even time to rinse it off!

My mom was so impressed by how great my skin looked (and kept raving about how young Dr. Sofia looked!) that she actually got a facial herself. I don't have any pictures of that, but she called me later that night to tell me how great her skin looked :)

If you'd like to check out Naturom products you can visit their website or you if you are in Dubai you can get in touch with Dr. Sofia through her website or on 050-1891494. You won't be sorry!


  1. These product was looking very interesting. I like the ingredients of that mask. Olive oil really helps you to rejuvenate your skin and bees wax helps to soften your skin.

  2. Umm can I have your lifestyle please? Coffee and then facials I'm well jel! :D

  3. Your audience is really lucky Aseya, because you don't only review ordinary "famous" products. You go deeper, to niche and posh products not available everywhere. As we know, many times we can find better quality there.

    According NATUROM cosmetics, they are really amazing, they are the best!

    I have to congratulate you because you discovered them!

    Is not so easy to find them... Not available everywhere.

  4. I have to congratulate you, Aseya, because you don't only review ordinary, "famous" products. You go deeper and review "niche", "posh" products as well. And as we know, most of the times we can find better quality there!...

    NATUROM are really the best cosmetics in the market! The very best I have ever tried-and I have tried a lot...! They are natural, uniquely innovative, exclusive, extremely effective... I cordially suggest them!

  5. It did make my skin feel super soft and smooth! :)

  6. hahahah that's just one aspect of it!! The rest is pretty hectic, I'm not gonna lie! :)

  7. Thank you Helen, that was really sweet of you to say! I try to include as many brands as possible. Over here, they are only available through Dr. Sofia.


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