CK One Shock Street Edition Launch

(warning: this post is kind of pic heavy)

One of the coolest events I've been to lately was the launch of CK One Shock Street Edition. Calvin Klein perfumes teamed up with two of the world's most renowned graffiti artists, Fabel and Miss 163, to create bottles that really embodied the creative, free-spirited essence of their newest fragrances. To celebrate the launch, Fabel flew out to Dubai to give us all a master class on graffiti!

CK Shock Street Edition for men (left) and women (right)
When I got to the launch, I was introduced to Fabel, the artist who designed the amazing black men's bottle. With almost four decades as a graffiti artist, Fabel is one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject. He began tagging in notebooks and on record covers in 1977, had his first wall piece in 1979 and then his first subway train in 1981 (yeah, that's right. A subway train. Too cool)

As Marie, the gorgeous PR for Calvin Klein, excitedly told me 'he's so cool, he's super chill and he has so many great stories'. He had clearly won over the city! I actually ran into him again later that night and he was surrounded by fan boys, but was still incredibly sweet and friendly.

We were treated to a first hand account of the history of graffiti through images that Fabel had chosen for us. I really enjoyed watching the evolution of the art through the images.

We were treated to a first hand account of the history of graffiti through images that Fabel had chosen.

The bottom image was one of my favorites
The center image is a picture of Lady Pink, one of the first female graffiti artists, who definitely found her place among the boys.
After our little history lesson, we got to have our very own master class in the art of 'tagging'. I think that people don't always realize how much work goes into creating these pieces or how difficult it can be. Fabel made it look super easy. It really wasn't. (at least not for me!)

The artist at work
Then we got to try it out ourselves! I think one of the things about graffiti is learning to just let go and let the creativity take over, since at the end of the day, it's about self-expression. Despite being a makeup artist, I still find it difficult to loosen up sometimes and didn't take to it as well as some of the other attendees did. So I'm not going to show you guys my measly attempt. OK fine, I will. But no laughing!

I really look like I'm concentrating here! And of course, I had to go for the pink marker! *
Not totally sure what I was going for..but hey, I gave it a shot!
Getting my own personal piece of art work!  
How awesome!
Posing it up with Marie*
So yeah, it was a pretty awesome event! And I am totally in love with the perfume as well. It doesn't smell like the traditional CK Ones, the women's fragrance is very feminine and it has lots of vanilla in it. I've got a full review of both perfumes coming up soon!

Images marked with a * were provided by Calvin Klein.

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