A Day at Nursin Beauty Salon

You may remember my pretty turquoise nails from this post. Well, I thought I'd tell you about the salon where I got them done.

Nursin Beauty Salon is a gorgeous, giant of a beauty salon on the Beach Road. It's got a definite Moroccan feel to it, and I thought the use of color was really interesting. I think you see so many white interiors that it's kind of nice to see something different. There is a lot of gold as well as jewel tones.

Inside the hair coloring stations
What I thought was interesting is that they have a separate section for hair coloring and processes like Keratin treatments and a separate section for styling. The coloring section was really cool because each station has a chair that leans into a basin. So you don't have to get up and move to have your hair washed! Genius!

The Moroccan bath
The relaxation area
They also have a beautiful Moroccan bath. I'm not a huge fan of dark tiles, but I thought this was really pretty. There's also a gorgeous relaxation area where you can relax and cool down after the bath.
Mani-pedi stations
Nail art!

Back downstairs, they have mani-pedi stations and a nail art station. I didn't actually try it out, but I was pretty impressed by the selection of glitter hehe.

Nursin's owner is really sweet and the staff are super friendly. Their prices are great, too. A manicure and pedicure will set you back 150Dhs and a full body wax only runs 250Dhs! Not bad, huh?

*all images courtesy of Nursin Beauty Salon

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  1. I actually went to Nursin and had a horrible experience. I paid for my mani-pedi all upfront. It took the poor under-trained beautician 2.5 hours to complete my treatment. The shape of my nails were worse off than when she first started!

    Then at the end of my experience they charged me extra for nail polish without ANY prior notice. Literally as I was leaving the receptionist called after me and said 'mam, you must pay more'. I was dumbfounded. Such a cheap shot - no where in their offer had they mentioned I had to pay more for nail polish, it was like they had just decided that I should on the spot. And then when I emailed to complain, no one bothered getting back to me.

    I won't ever go back here again.


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