Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Toothpolish

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Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Toothpolish

I'm actually pretty lucky because my teeth are naturally pretty white. But in the past year or so, I've started drinking lots of coffee, coke and lots of other things that aren't really great for your teeth.

I used to love using Plus White whitening gel once or twice a year, but my foster kitten knocked it into his water bowl (he was living in my bathroom) so I had to throw it out. I looked for it everywhere and finally discovered they don't sell it in Dubai anymore. Feeling slightly defeated, I popped into Spinney's to buy myself some cheer-up chocolate (as you do when you're upset about your teeth!) and spotted this stuff.

The box promises teeth that are up to four shades lighter in just three weeks. I can't vouch for that, but I can say that after about a week my teeth were back to their sparkly selves and I was no longer pulling that awkward half-smile half-pout that you often find splashed across event pages (girls, you look silly and it doesn't make anyone take you more seriously. Give it up)

I've read mixed reviews about this stuff. It's hard to find a decent at-home teeth whitening system in Dubai, so the other option is heading to the dentist and spending a lot of money for professional whitening. Which is fine, but I can't afford that and my teeth aren't that bad to begin with. I think if you are only looking to lighten your teeth a couple of shades then this will work for you. If you've got years of staining or if you're a smoker or something like that then you will definitely want to get your teeth professionally cleaned and bleached.

If you're looking for a great hygienest in Dubai, go visit my friend Felicia at Dr. Michael's Dental Clinic on Al Wasl road. I promise it will be the most gentle teeth cleaning you've ever had!

Have you tried Pearl Drops? Do you have another favorite at-home teeth whitener?

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