L'occitane Spring Cherry (LE) Collection

L'occitane Spring Cherry Eau De Toilette and Velvet Moisturizing Gel

L'occitane has released their new Spring Cherry collection just in time for Valentine's Day (are you noticing a theme on Pretty in the Desert this week?) I've noticed that this year's Valentine's Day collections are actually pretty tame, but I haven't been in a gas station or Hallmark lately so I've been able to avoid giant hearts with arms!

Anyway..back to the topic at hand!

L'occitane's Spring Cherry collection is a limited edition collection is made up of a showergel (that is gorgeous and sparkly!) velvet moisturizing gel, eau de toilette (also available in a roll-on), soap and hand cream.
The EDT is made up of cherry blossoms (of course!), magnolia and freesia and it also has mandarin orange, blackcurrant and a bit of musk and iris. I can definitely smell the orange in this, combined with the cherry blossom it gives this perfume a really 'fresh and clean' smell. I've been using it to freshen up a little after roller derby practice and it seems to be doing the job pretty well! It also works great as a bit of a pick-me-up for days that just won't end.

The velvet moisturizing gel is pretty amazing. It's suuper light, almost like using a hand sanitizer gel but it makes your skin feel incredibly soft and hydrated. It will be so perfect for the summer. This will probably get used a lot after derby as well, just because it smells great and sinks in really quickly so you don't have to worry about that greasy feeling.

As I mentioned, this is a limited edition collection so you might wanna run out and stock up on some for the summer!

Have you guys tried this collection? Are any of you giant fans of Cherry Blossom like I am?

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