Sunday Sum-up!

Ah, 2013. You've only been here less than a week but I can already tell that we are going to be good friends. And by friends, I mean "something that will probably kick me in the gut until I start puking, then claim they did it out of love"

Although this week seems to be alright! Let's recap.

We went bowling at Al Nasr leisureland, one of the oldest places in the city and home to my family's favorite soccer team Al Nasr. My uncles played for this team before I was even born, it's that old! Just a bunch of crazy Nasrawis up in here.

Apart from having one of the oldest (and first, I think) ice rinks in the city, it is also home to a bowling alley and tiny amusement park called the Luna Park. We climbed the giant fruit (totally not a euphemism ), rode a little tunnel ride that was half Arabian Nights themed/half Haunted House, and even had some fun on the bumper cars before heading to the bowling alley. Yes, we are all over the age of 25, what's your point?

Despite being a HORRIBLE bowler (I have actually managed to get the ball to skip my lane and hit pins that are two lanes over) I like to go and pretend that 'this time will be better'.

Then I went to the Global Village and managed to not spend all of my money! Global Village is fantastic. It's a giant outdoor market with vendors from all over the world displaying wares from home. It's only open during the winter, but it's the place to go if you want to pick up lots of random knick-knacks.

You had me at 'check out those sparkly wicker bags'

And then it was New Year's eve! Happy 2013, everyone! Toot toot!

No pictures of that because I'm kind of unorganized.

I also headed to the Inside Looking Out release show. Inside Looking Out is a compilation album featuring punk/hardcore bands from across the region. Proceeds from the album (and show) went directly to Adopt-A-Camp, a wonderful organization that supports laborers in the UAE. It was tons of fun and I got to hear music that some of my friends worked on (Hello Dead Shakes!)

It actually looks like I've had a pretty busy week. But busy can be good! :) What have you lovelies gotten up to this week?

PS thank you all for taking part in my Bourjois giveaway! I will announce the winners in the morning!


  1. Went bowling with my cousins during the holidays and broke 4 nails... I'm probably doing it wrong. Never again!

  2. hahah I didn't break any nails, but I probably would've if they weren't bitten down to the cuticle!


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