MAC Carine Roitfeld Jungle Camouflage Full Face Kit

I am definitely not one of those girls that gets super excited about MAC collections. I think that after the first four or five times of running to the store, you kinda get over it. So now I tend to buy items because I really want them, rather than just because they are cool. But there are definitely exceptions (like the Wonder Woman collection) and the Carine Roitfeld collection.


Carine Roitfeld is the epitome of the Fashion Cool Kid to me. She's just so effortless and she really rocks that whole Parsian Rock and Roll Chic look. So when I heard about her MAC collection, I squeeled a little bit (true story) 

Despite registering at my local MAC for notifications about new collections, I have yet to actually be notified. So there wasn't a whole lot left by the time I realized this collection was out. I did manage to score this baby.

C'est Magnifique!
The Jungle Camouflage Full Face Kit is perfect for me. The colors are ones that I use all the time. It contains the shades Dew, Camo, Bad Lieutenant and Carbon. Theses shades have so far been used for everything from an every day look to a super smoked out come-hither eye.

Clockwise from top left corner: Dew, Camo, Bad Lieutenant, Carbon
As far as the colors go, this palette and I are a match-made-in-heaven. The shades work perfectly together and blend really well so I can pretty much wear them as dark or light as I want. I do notice that MAC shadows in general tend to crease on me, so I always use my Urban Decay Primer Potion under them.

From bottom: Dew, Camo, Bad Lieutenant, Carbon
As for the bronzer, I am in love with the color. It warms up my skin perfectly and the creamy texture is easy to blend. However, I do find it to be greasier than my other Cremeblend blushes and I haven't actually worn it out in public for fear that it might just melt off or become streaky. But, to be honest, I'm so in love with the shadows that I don't really bother with the bronzer!

Bootcamp Bronze
And in case you are thinking that this review is too old to be of any use, this palette (as well as the Desert Camouflage Full Face Kit) is available on MAC's website!

Did any of you guys buy this or anything else from the Carine Roitfeld collection?


  1. I like the bronzer, the shadows are good but you get these colors very easily in other reasonably priced pallets.

  2. Hahah that is true! I have a couple of other palettes that are similar, but they have slightly different textures. Obviously, I need seven different textures in the same color! haha :)

  3. I love it! very nice palette!


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