Love, Chloe, Eau Florale

Oh, those Parisians. Can they do 'delicate and girly' or what? I mean, how do they do it? Everything that comes out of that city is romantic. And this new Chloe fragrance is no exception.

love chloe eau de toilette

Eau Florale is the newest member of Chloe's Love line. And just like it's predecessors, Eau Florale is absolutely beautiful. It shares a bottle design with the original Love, Chloe, both come in a sleek bottle with rounded corners and feature a gold cap attached to the bottle by a delicate chain. So delicate in fact, that they've added a warning to the box.

love chloe eau floral
Be careful!
 chloe perfume

I have never tried the original Love, Chloe, so I can't compare the two. However, I can say with confidence that Eau Florale is a very beautiful perfume to wear. It's very feminine and smells totally natural when you wear it, it's definitely one of those 'second-skin' perfumes. It's not going to compete with what you're wearing, if anything it will just enhance your overall appearance and make you feel feminine and pretty. It's a bit like wearing a pretty lace bra. Even if no one sees it, it just has a way of making your day feel that much more romantic.

Love, Chloe, Eau Florale has a bit of a powdery smell, which is probably what adds to it's clean scent. It also has sweet pea in it, to add to it's girliness.

I think Eau Florale is a fantastic every day perfume and is perfect for wearing to work because it isn't overpowering. If only I had the guts to carry it in my purse - I'm so afraid of wrecking the gorgeous bottle!


  1. I've got Chloe by Chloe- it's my favorite!

  2. Chloe do sophisticated, girlie chic like no other don't they? Have you seen that they are launching mini bottles at the end of February? Dinky little 20ml bottles :)

  3. Oooh no, I haven't heard about those! i wonder if we'll be getting them over here *fingers crossed!*

  4. I think I have that one! I prefer this one, it smells little more subtle to me. I guess it depends on my mood :)

  5. I LOVED the original Chloe fragrance, it smelt like shake 'n' vac which was a scented powder you sprinkled onto your carpet then you vacum it up!

    LOVE chloe sounds as gorgeous as the original Chloe. Will test it out when I'm next in Boots. x

  6. You know, I've never smelled the original one, but your description is hilarious!! I'm gonna have to see what those Shake'n'Vacs smell like! Lemme know what you think of this one :)


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