Kevin Murphy Color Bug

kevin murphy color bug dubai
Kevin Murphy Color Bug Hair Shadow in Pink
I hate negative reviews, I really do. I feel that (much like beauty) beauty products are subjective, and I may love/hate a product that someone else absolutely loathes/adores. But I just couldn't keep my disappointment about this stuff to myself anymore.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you'll know exactly how excited I was to find out that Kevin Murphy's Color Bug was finally available in Dubai. A product that will show up on dark hair and then just wash right now? Let me tell you, I was suuuuper excited.

Then the disappointments started to roll in. First of all, it was soo tiny. I paid about Dhs85, which is about $23. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but when you're a struggling 'artist' it can put a serious dent in your weekend funtime.

kevin murphy color bug hair color size
Color Bug sized up next to a MAC lipstick.
I was also disappointed by how little product you actually get in the container. For some reason (and this may have just been my naivete) I assumed the entire container was filled with powder. It wasn't. I hit the pan after just one use (bearing in mind that I do have rather thick, dark hair, so I may have used more than someone with finer, lighter hair would)
color bug hair powder hitting the pan
Hitting the pan after the first use.
Another thing I didn't like? That ish got EVERYWHERE. Granted, the instructions do say to be careful and cover surfaces while applying, but I was still washing pink out of everything I touched a few days later. My whole upper body was also covered in pink, so you should be careful if you have longer hair and wear your hair down because it will rub off.

Things I did like about this? I loved the design of the container. It fit perfectly into my hands and was really easy to use. 

colour bug pink
The groves are as functional as they are pretty.
I also loved how well it showed up on my dark hair. I had to go over my strands a few times, but I was impressed by how well it showed up on black hair.

I did not like the texture of the powder. It's really chalky (surprise, surprise!) and it made my hair feel really tacky and frizzed it up. I also wasn't super fond of the matte finish, but I don't really know what I was expecting from a powder! 

Here's what Kevin Murphy Color Bug in Pink looked like on my hair (and hair brush)

kevin murphy colour bug on dark hair
Such a shame about the texture because I really love this color!
I do realize that some people may love this, I think it really depends on what kind of finish you are expecting. If you are going for grungy, fluffy, cool-girl hair then you may just love this stuff. It was just too much work for me and I really hated how it made my hair feel.

Have any of you tried this? Am I the only one who is passing on hair chalk now?

If you would like to try this out (and hopefully have better results) you can pick up some Color Bug at Salon Ink on Jumeirah Beach Road.


  1. its a no no for me Aseya!

    I am so afraid of using chemicals on my hair.

  2. Wow what a amazing colour. Dread to think what it would do on my dry hair though! Think I shall avoid. Thanks for the thumbs up. x

  3. The pink looks great! It's a shame you hit pan straight away and that the texture wasn't great :( x

  4. I really wanted to try this but now you have said that I know not to waste my money!

  5. Aw that's too bad for the texture, the color is gorgeous though!

  6. Well at least it showed me that I am totally ready for more permanent pink hair!

  7. hehe glad I could help! i mean, there's a chance you may love it, but I just wanted to give my honest opinion on it:)

  8. I was so disappointed by how little there was! :(

  9. It is actually pretty safe to use. All you do is wipe it on to your hair, so it only coats the outside - and it washes right out.

  10. I totally agree with this review! I brought this and tried it last week it was such a disappointment! It really messed up my hair and made it reallly dry! :/

  11. You all should buy color chalk and use that. That is pretty much all it is anyway and so many people say that it works the best and cheapest.

  12. For some reason, I thought that color bug was a better alternative (I guess they sucked me in with marketing!)

  13. I'm glad you agreed, I was thinking I was crazy because this stuff is all over the internet. It made mine so dry and frizzy.

  14. Hi Ladies, Im very disappointed to hear that about the Kevin Murphy Color Bug. I am the owner of Salon Ink and we have had brilliant results.
    My first question would be, were you explained about how it should be used Properly ? And if not this would be something that as a business owner I shall take very seriouly as this particular product does need a certain amount of education for it to be at its peak. I would also ask that if this be the case I would love to be contacted and discuss the experience with you personally to ensure that no mistakes are made again regarding Color Bug.
    The Product should be undercoated with either a hairsray or some form of styling product for the color bug to attached itself to, secondly it should be then sprayed after with a light hold hairpray to lock the bug in place so you dont have the issue of it coloring you, but at the same time this is Makeup for the hair so if you are wearing white it will get on your clothes regardless the same as makeup would if you wipe it on your clothes.
    In relation to Price, I think that maybe if you were not undercoating the product first the hair would have eaten the product hence you will not at all get you money's worth.
    Please feel free to ask me anything regarding the color bug as it is a Salon Fav of ours a I would personally hate to see a negative response to it
    Kelly Cyndrowski
    04 3854402

  15. do you know where i can buy colour bugs in Dubai or worldwide known companies?

  16. Hi Ebaa, you can get them from Salon Ink in Jumeirah :)

  17. Hi Nina, my hair felt fine once I washed it out. It wasn't dry after the shower :)

  18. You are a life saver - i was about too buy 4 of these and searched google for "color bug experience" and your blog pop'ed in my face - i have ALOT of hair and it's thick as h***!
    Not using my money on that amount of "pain in the ass" :D.


  19. LOL!! I am happy to hear that! I've heard the new L'oreal hair chalks are a little better, but haven't tried them yet :)


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