Dubai Beauty Bests - Hair Cuts

I often get asked for recommendations on the best places to get various beauty treatments in the city. So, as you probably guessed from the name of this post, I'm going to start listing them for you guys! Like everything on this blog, each of these posts is 100% honest, and nothing/no one gets mentioned unless I am truly in love!

The first one is for haircuts and the award goes to....*drum roll*....Georgie at Pastels Salon on Al Wasl Road. 

I met the lovely Georgie at a fashion show I was working on months ago. She did the hair (for Pastels) and I was doing the makeup (with a team from Revlon) Between shows, we got to chatting and I mentioned how hard it was for me to wear my natural curls out. Little did I know that Georgie was a bit of a curl GENIUS (and I'm not using that term lightly). One thing led to another and she invited me over to the salon for a curl-makeover.

You guys, I seriously haven't looked back since.

Georgie was able to leave my length but cut in layers that almost magically made my curls less frizzy and more defined. Not only that, but the cut she gave me also has tons of movement and volume when I wear my hair straight. This is the first time in years that I have been able to wear my hair curly without worrying that I look like a poodle. Instead, I have a sexy, wild curls that know how to stay in line.

The best part is that it's been a few months since the haircut and it has still kept it shape. Georgie, I know I've already told you that I love my haircut, but girlfriend! I stiiill love it!

And that is why I am giving Georgie my very first Dubai Beauty Best Award. Do your hair a favor and go see her! It's really funny because I actually know a lot of people who get their hair done by her and they all have nothing but fantastic things to say!

Pastels Salon is located on Al Wasl road in Jumeirah. Haircuts start from Dhs.100. Call them on (04) 388 3534/3397 to book an appointment!


  1. OH MY GOD! I got mine done with Georgie last week and she is the bomb!

  2. hahahaha that's so crazy! You're actually like the third person to tell me how much they love her! She's fantastic!

  3. Oh that's great news! Tell her I said hi and let me know how it goes! :)

  4. Walked out of an appointment with Georgie this afternoon feeling like a million bucks! She's brilliant with curls and tips on keeping them beautiful. This post took me to her - thank you!

  5. That's so great to hear, Nandita!! Georgie is amazing!!! :D

  6. Please check out this Facebook page for inspiration


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