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Check Me Out In Velvet Magazine!

So this was pretty cool!

I got to be a part of Velvet magazine's November 2012 issue. It was for a feature called Pretty Powerful, which featured women who have turned their passions into careers. It was all very exciting!!
Hey, that chick looks familiar!

The issue also featured a number of women from the UAE that are following their passions..including adorable little Katie Kittermaster. Katie is only 12 years old and in her 7th year of school and she has already performed on MBC and has been asked to audition for Britain's Got Talent! Crazy! She's also the sweetest little girl ever, so all of you should go and check her out and support her. I think it's incredibly brave of her to be doing what she is doing. Good luck, Katie, we're expecting big things from you!

Here's a video of her performance on MBC!


Isn't she fantastic?

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  1. Woah! What's it like seeing your own face in a magazine? I cannot imagine. Congrats!

  2. Wow! You look amazing!! Make I ask about the black jumpsuit you are wearing in the picture?? Where did you get it from??

  3. Aww thanks Davi! It's actually my sister's, she got it from Forever 21. I think it might be like over a year old, though :)

  4. Thank you Sandra! My mom was like 'you look great, I didn't even recognize you' hahaha! Moms!

  5. It's pretty insane! hehe thank you! :)

  6. Woo! Congrats Aseya, you look great x

  7. You look like a model, gurl!
    congrats, you deserve it :) xx

  8. Wow congrats!! You look soo pretty! It's so great to see how successful you've become, you deserve it xxx

  9. Oh wow! That is such an incredible achievment! Well done you make sure you keep a

    copy for always!


  10. You look AMAZING. Congrats!! xoxo


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