An Afternoon With Philosophy

Philosophy is one of my favorite skin care brands. Their cleanser is what sold me and, while they are kind of pricey, I love that they use result-driven technology and research in their lines. You also have to love their adorable packaging!

Last month, they invited some local bloggers to a baking class at Top Chef. The set up was adorable!

I wasn't totally sure what to expect, so when we headed into the giant kitchen I kind of just prayed for the best and hoped I wouldn't burn the place down!

We made Christmas log cakes that were inspired by Philosophy's Christmas collection.  Sounds kind of crazy, but they looked and tasted amazing!

Some of the ingredients and the products that inspired our recipe.
Le chef
Yeah, we made cakes and cookies! And put the cookies on the cake. Whaatt??
Kinda felt like a science project at one point..
The cakes were frosted with caramel chocolate on the inside and dark chocolate on the outside. They. Were. Amazing.

So, I'm not great with presentation.But it was still incredibly delicious! That's a tube of raspberry. Yes, it was a chocolate cake with cookies and raspberry filling!

The afternoon was soo much fun! I had a great time and managed to not cause any damage. Plus I got to hang out with Marie and Joys, and meet some new bloggers, which is always a good time!

Thanks to the ladies at Philosophy for a very fun afternoon!


  1. Omg. That. Looks. So. Good! Do they have a separate shop in Dubai or only counters in Sephora?

  2. OMG! This looks absolutely delicious! What a fun event!

  3. This looks like such a fun event! Would love to go to something like this in my area!

    xx Louise

    A Little Beauty Luxury

  4. It was so much fun! You should definitely see if there are any in your area, the classes are so fun!

  5. It was soo good! And they gave us cupcakes on the way out as well! hahaha

  6. I think it's exclusive to Sephora for now. How great would it be if they had their own stores?


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