2013 Blogolutions!

Happy 2013, everyone!

I hope that everyone had an amazing New Year's Eve and you are now pretty much recovered haha

So, I was talking to friend of mine (Hello, Felicia!) and we were discussing how last year I was all 'YEAH! 2012! BIG THINGS!!' and while a few big things did happen, I'm still not where I thought I would be. So I decided not to make any personal resolutions this year. However, I decided to make a few resolutions for Pretty in the Desert, to mainly serve as goals I have for the year. And on that note, may I present my 2013 Blogolutions.

Slightly touching on #3, here's a very serious picture of me on NYE. True story, 2013 was the first NYE where I wore my glasses. Could it be a sign of personal growth or have I just given up? Who knows :)

1. Get on the Youtube train

I have been trying to film some Youtube videos for quite some time now. It hasn't been working out. Part of it is that there is a house being built next door and the only time it's quiet is at night. The other part is that, well, I'm pretty terrified. But no more! I promise to have a video up by the end of the week. Oooh. Look at me being all serious and grown up with deadlines!

2. Blog More Regularly

And just be more organized in general. I can totally do that. I'm pretty sure...

3. More Face of the Days!

I plan on posting so many FOTDs that you guys get sick of my face. haha. I know everyone posts them and everyone posts swatches, but I love seeing both because they give me a chance to see how other people wear makeup and get a few new ideas. It's also great to see so many of them because it makes it easier to find someone who has similar features and skin tone to me (that is always a big factor in whether or not I splurge on an item)

4. No More Stressing About Page Views or Comments

At one point this year, I got a little disheartened because I wasn't getting the page views and comments that I used to. Never mind. I started this blog for myself and my friends, so the fact that it has even grown this big is already INSANE. I'm going to keep blogging even if no one reads it (hopefully you will though, because no one wants to be the girl in the corner talking to herself)

5. More Posts About My Life

Not that I'm saying my life is super exciting (because, I cannot stress this enough, it isn't) but I always love reading about what everyone else has been getting up to. And sharing is caring, right?

I've actually got a pretty exciting year so far...apart from work stuff, I have a trip to Thailand for my birthday in March and a trip the UK for a wedding in August. And hopefully I'll be in London in June (or is it July? haha I should probably look into that!) for IMATS.

Alright lovers, those are my 2013 Blogolutions! What are yours? Have you made any resolutions?

Wishing you all tons and tons of wonderful things in 2013! Love, Aseya.


  1. Great idea! Would you mind if i kinda tagged along and used this idea on my blog?

    My Blogsolution are def. more FOTDs as well. I am pretty shy thay ways because my looks are not that refined and extraordinary...I guess I'll have to practise! I want to get away from always posting about nail polish. I love it, but I want the blog to become more diverse.



  2. Great Goals and good I would love to read posts about yourself and FOTD's.

  3. I'd love it if you did! :) I'd love to read your post so make sure you send me the link! :)

  4. Of course I will ^^, but the post will be in german, though ;)

  5. I hate making resolutions, but I'll post some "guidelines" for this year as well ;))

    Nice resolutions, I see more and more bloggers start filming YT videos. I also want to be more organized, I'm sure we can do it :) And I really like personal/life posts.

  6. There you go, I translated the sections. Enjoy!


  7. Yeah, i think those are much better because it still gives you something to work for but you won't be disappointed at the end of the year :)

  8. Awesome!!! Thank you for translating hehe :)

  9. Point #4- same here. And lol @ "because no one wants to be the girl in the corner talking to herself". Hey, I read your blog every other day. I can't remember the first time I read it (probably something to do with your cat...then I read a beauty post and another and another and anot....)

  10. I'm not the type of person who would have a resolution list every year. Now that I read your post, I'm thinking of starting this yearly change.. I totally relate to what you're going through! Being terrified of Youtube vids and not getting followers and comments are kind of my issue too :P
    P.s: if you're too terrified of Youtube, try Keek. Start posting small videos before you get to the big ones. (an advice that I won't take into consideration myself.. yes, I'm THAT terrified, haha)
    P.p.s: Can't wait to see your FOTDs and reading about your trips to London with IMATS and Thailand!

    Best of luck!



  11. hahaha i sucked you i with my cat posts!! :) Yes, it's easy to get pulled in by the numbers and stuff. It's very competitive, isn't it?

  12. I'm not huge on things like that either, but I thought I'd make this list as something to hold myself accountable for :) I've actually joined Keek, but haven't filmed anything yet haha Being scared + Being a technophobe does not make things easy!! :)

  13. Great post! I'm excited for your Youtube debut and hearing more about the interesting things you have planned this year :) You've inspired me to think up some blogolutions too! x

  14. Aww thanks! I tried filming yesterday and got so nervous haha I'm gonna try again tonight :) Can't wait to hear about your blogolutions :)

  15. Yay, you're jumping on the youtube train too! There will be a whole new bunch of us this year. :D


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