On My Nails: OPI's The Living Daylights

 Since my nails have been in kind of bad condition lately, I decided to lay off the polish for a while and
give them a little TLC. But a girl beauty-obsessed weirdo  can only handle so much before the sight of bare nails drives her crazy. Which led me to a wonderful 'discovery': Glitter polish can actually help conceal awful tips!

I think it mainly just distracts people from the awful state of my nails and makes them focus more on the sparkle. It also helps that there are no defined lines so people don't really realize how jagged my nail tips are. It could also be that people don't actually notice nails as much as I do and I am just being totally paranoid!
OPI's The Living Daylights is part of the Skyfall collection. (Fun fact: Skyfall is the first James Bond  movie I have ever seen!) What I love is that it has big, giant flecks of glitter, which I am totally into right now. There's copper, teal and silver which makes it different from the other glitter polishes I own. I actually really like this one and I loved wearing it on it's own.


What do you guys think? Does glitter still get a yay or is it too 2010 for you?

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