Last Minute Gift Guide: L'occitane Christmas Magic

'Tis the season for giving. And if you're like me, 'tis the season for procrastinating. If you're looking for a great gift and running out of time, please please PLEASE go to your nearest L'occitane store.

L'occitane's staff will help you choose the most perfect gifts for your loved ones and then wrap them up in gorgeous packaging (see above)

I'm personally a huge fan of L'occitane. I know most women are! But they're a great business because everything is harvested through fair-trade arrangements and I know that they support a lot of fantastic charities around the world. When it comes to L'occitane, you're not just paying for pretty products.

Which brings us to their Christmas collection. This year it's made up of two different scents, Marvellous Flowers and Magical Leaves.

An example of L'occitan's fab Christmas Packaging. Abracadabra indeed!

Magical Leaves Body Milk and Hand Cream
Magical Leaves is great if you have someone who isn't particularly fond of floral scents. It's meant to be for men and women, and it's quite 'zesty' with verbena, hazel and citrus fruits. But it also has vanilla, which I think keeps it from becoming too overpowering and makes it smell very comforting. I'm not a huge fan of L'occitan's other Verbena range, I find it too strong. But I really like this one, I think it's the additional mix of hazel and vanilla, it makes it a lot softer and more neutral. This is a great one to get for someone if you aren't sure what kind of scents they like.

Marvellous Flowers EDT and Shimmering Dry Oil
Aaaaahhhhhh. This one is my favorite! It's the first L'occitane perfume that I could wear all day long! I have tried a few of their rose scents, and they are gorgeous, but they aren't something that I would personally wear all the time. This one is amazing! It's light, fruity and, for lack of a better word, sparkly. It has pink grapefruit, red berries, roses, peony, white wood and musk. It also smells really 'young' so this collection would be great for someone in their late teens - late twenties.

My absolute favorite product in the range is the body oil. It's beautiful. It's got a dry-oil texture, so it doesn't make me feel greasy, and the shimmer in it is gorgeous. The particles are really tiny so you don't look sparkly, you just look like you're glowing. And OMG the smell. When we met with the PR she told me that she loves wearing it in her hair and I was a bit wary because my hair is so dark. But it really worked well, I just used a tiny bit and it made my hair feel soft and smell amazing. I love wearing this in my hair now, especially if it's been a few days since I last washed it haha

Sparkles! Look at how tiny the shimmer specks are. Gorgeous!

Marvellous Flowers Hand Cream

The hand creams aren't super heavy so they're great for carrying around during the day. They soak in really quickly and don't leave any sort of residue. And yes, they smell fantastic!

The Magical Leaves collection contains a hand cream, EDT, exfoliating shower gel, body milk and perfumed soap. The Marvellous Flowers collection contains the EDT, body cream, hand cream, intense EDT roll-on, shimmering oil, shower gel and perfumed soap. Prices range from 25AED to 239AED, so there's something in there for everyone! The only problem is that these are limited edition collections, so you'd better run!

*PR Samples


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