Last Minute Christmas Gift - Mikyajy Perfume Atomizer

I think everyone should have atomizers. Especially if you're like me and are constantly paranoid that you stink haha I pretty much always carry perfume in my purse and the regular sized bottles are so big and heavy. I've got a few of these and I think they are fantastic! They fit in your purse, makeup bag, clutch or pocket, and are perfect for traveling. They are also a great way to use up the last little remnants of perfume in your bottle.

I did some research and figured out exactly how to use them because, silly me, I was probably the only person in the world who would actually spritz the perfume into the atomizer! Yeah, I don't know why.

So, step 1: Take both of the lids off and take off the top of the perfume.

Step 2: The bottom of the atomizer has a little rubber opening that sucks the perfume up. Place the bottom of the atomizer onto the perfume and push down to fill up the atomizer. Here's where I made another mistake, for some reason I kept pressing the spritzer on the atomizer and wondering why it wasn't filling up!


 Step 3: Marvel at how much lighter your purse has become!

Mikyajy's perfume atomizers are perfect stocking stuffers, at only 29AED a piece. They also come in pink, purple and red so you can pick and choose or use different colors for different perfumes (that's what I do) If you aren't anywhere near a Mikyajy store, Sephora has some really cute atomizers as well :)

*PR Sample


  1. Great review! I've wanted one of these for a while. I love to carry my favorite perfume with me but I would never consider taking a whole bottle. This is perfect. When I'll pass by their store I will definitely go and buy one. Thanks for sharing. I also was not aware that Sephora is also carrying some. I only knew about the Travalo ones, all youtubers are reviewing them. So thanks again!

  2. I've always wanted one of these but never actually went through with ordering one online! I think I'm gonna go with this one - if I end up finding it here! :-)

  3. I really like this one and it's so much more convenient than having to order/wait for one! Here's a list of their stores let me know if you find one in stock because I can always mail one to you :)

  4. I've wanted to try the travalo ones but didn't want the hassle of having to order one haha lemme know if you try a Mikyajy one! :)


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