Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks (and swatches)

So, Bourjois has decided to revamp their lipstick collection. And because my lipstick addiction is totally under control and absolutely not anything that we should be concerned about, I've fallen head over heels, crazy in love with the whole range.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick Number 18, one of my favorites.
Pourqoi, you might ask? Well, the lipsticks are just the right balance of glossy and opaque, and they last foreverrrr. I was actually kind of surprised by that because I wasn't expecting a glossy lipstick to last very long. But I tried some on at the launch and then had coffee and a gossip sesh with Simone (well, she basically sat there quietly while I gabbed on and on because girlfriend likes to talk!) and the lipstick didn't move at all!

Since then, I've tried a whole bunch of them and Bourjois seems to have stumbled upon a pretty awesome formula. These lippies are also really moisturizing, which is a great bonus. Apparently you can get up to 10 hours of hydration. I don't know about that, but I do know that my lips feel really soft when I take this off.

I love the clear bottom, it makes things so much easier!

I also have a bunch of swatches for you guys!

(left to right) Top Row: 04, 04, 10. Middle: 16, 15, 18. Bottom: 11, 12, 09.

I think these are great, especially for party season. I definitely recommend running to your nearest beauty store and picking some up. They have a fantastic range of colors (18 shades!) and we all know that Bourjois makes some amazing products at really affordable prices. Plus, these will definitely hold up under the mistletoe, you naughty little elves! ;)

*PR Samples, but you know the drill - reviews are always 100% honest!!


  1. Yes, I want this babies, I am still waiting for a discount or something :P (they are around 10 € I think)
    Thank you for your review, I'll be buying them soon :P

  2. ah, I think that's about 60 Dirhams, which is still pretty decent considering MAC lipsticks are about 15 euros over here! I'm actually having a giveaway soon, and I have 5 sets, so look out for it :)

  3. 11 and 12 look great,love how shiny they are

  4. Yeah, I love how they gave me that 'naturally' plump feeling as well :)

  5. I have the red one and I love it!

  6. Is it 15? I love that one too. I am a bit disappointed because it didn't show up as vibrant in the picture as it is in real life:(


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