Thanksgiving FOTD

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and are enjoying a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend! I sure did/am :)

Thursday was also my sister's birthday (Happy birthday Nadia!)  so in addition to all of the usual Thanksgiving yumminess, my mom also made the most amazing birthday cake. And I know that everyone thinks their mom makes the best pumpkin pie, but for reals, MY MOM ACTUALLY DOES. She even uses fresh pumpkin for it. We take our pies very seriously in our house!

So. Much. Food!

After dinner, I headed out to meet the gorgeous Luanne from Weesha's World. That gave me a chance to try out some new makeup, MAC Face and Body Foundation and (drum roll please...) my brand new Carine Roitfeld for MAC palette. I have been waiting so long for this and had no idea that it was even out here yet! I am signed up to MAC's newsletter and have signed up for their text service numerous times, but still had no notification that it was out here so I'm really glad that I managed to grab one before it sold out.  (Full swatches and review on the way!)

Anyway here's a quickie FOTD for ya.

I will one day learn how to properly pose for these things!! :)

I hope everyone is having a really great weekend and has lots of things to be thankful for!


  1. My thoughts exactly: :D
    You look really pretty :) X

  2. Aww thanks! And yeah, it may have been a tiny bit too much!:)


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