Review and Giveaway - New Pantene Milky Damage Repair (CLOSED)

Pantene Milky Damage Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil Replacement Treatment.

I mentioned some new Pantene products here before and I thought it was about time to spill the beans and give you guys my full review.

The honest truth is that I used Pantene waay back in the day but stopped using when it I got older and could afford more 'high end' hair products. I really didn't think that a grocery store brand would be able to do anything for my hair (which isn't actually very damaged, but is quite dry and frizzy), so I really wasn't expecting much when I was asked to try out the brand new, revamped range. I was wrong, I'll admit it.

The new Milky Damage Repair range has four products: shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and leave-in. I haven't tried the hair mask yet, but I honestly don't feel the need to because the rest of the products are super moisturizing on their own.

These products have majorly gotten rid of the frizz in my hair and I've noticed that it feels a lot silkier and softer than it normally does. If you have curly hair then you know how hard it is to get a silky finish when you straighten it, this range makes it super easy to do that. I have actually noticed a huge difference when I don't use it. My hair is a lot easier to blowdry and even holds a curl for longer when I use a curling iron (yaaayy!)

So in conclusion, yes. These grocery store products work fantastically. I have noticed that my scalp tends to get a little greasier than usual when I use this (over a period of 3-4 days) so I have been switching it up with my other shampoos. But the conditioner and oil-replacement leave-in are staples! I've already bought another batch of products for when I run out hehe :)

The only downside is that these are only available in the Middle East. Which really sucks because I think anyone with curly or frizzy hair would really love these products. So if you don't live here then you may wanna ask friends/relatives to send you some!

Now, would you like to win some? Pantene are offering three of my readers the chance to try out a set of shampoo, conditioner and oil-replacement leave-in! Woohoo!! If you'd like to win a set, please leave your name and email below, with a comment about your biggest hair issue.

(Please note that this giveaway is only open to people in the UAE and a winner will be announced on the 4th of December)

*this is a sponsored giveaway - all reviews are 100% honest, as always!


  1. My biggest hair problem is hair fall and fizzy hair.
    Elena Arsene

  2. love to win it as my hairs are dull and dry bcoz of continuous use of straightener.

  3. My problem is early grey and hair lose

  4. Hi Pretty in the dessert,my biggest hair issue was my frizzy hair and unmanageable. Honestly since im a teenager in my homecountry before i only use Pantene Shampoo violet and now i''m 7 years here in Dubai still patronizing shampoo and added too the conditioner , i try to the duo tandem of Pantene nature fusion shampoo and conditioner too its really great. Due to my rebonded unmanageable frizzy hair only pantene shampoo is my hair compatibility and i try other shampoo too,outcome my hair was really hard to comb and need to use hairshine because lots of tangles .One thing i like Pantene because it has special ingredients that makes hair so soft and shiny added too its makes hair grow fast...Hope to try the New Milky damage shampoo,conditioner and leave -in..Thank you and More Power to Pretty in the dessert and Pantene Middle East Team! Rhodalyn de Leon Dubai UAE (

  5. Samira Abdul Hamid KhanNovember 25, 2012 at 12:13 PM

    My Issue is dry.... rough falling hairs................

    name : Samira Abdul Hamid Khan

    i would love to try this lovely sha allaah

  6. My Biggest Hair Problem is Frizzy Hair soon after Bath. I have coloured my hair and looks like thats what has damaged my hair..

    Christine Dsouza

  7. My biggest hair issue is split ends. I have tried several remedies found in
    magazine as well as online but still could not figure out how to solve my problem. It
    just keeps coming back. The drastic solution I'm thinking is to cut my hair really
    short but I don't really want to resort to this. I want to keep it long, shiny and

    Mary Ann Sangga

  8. My Biggest Hair issue is Split Ends ... No matter whatever I do I am not at all able to Get rid of Split Ends and hairfall is one of the Major Problem Too!!!

    Name: Mehwish Adil


  9. My biggest hair issue is Split ends and Very dry and Dull Hair.. I have tried so many treatments at homebut just in vain ... I'm forced to go for several hair cuts during the months as the split ends just seem to grow....Every time I enter the salon I cry coz I so wish to grow my hair long... This problem had started 2 years ago and never seems to end...

    Linsey Pereira

  10. I have a dry, frizzy hair that leads to hair fall. So I would love to give this product a try to resolve my hair problem. Belle Castillo -

  11. i would love to win the shampoo is just bcoz i have wavy hairs and i tried many shampoos and conditioners to make the look straight hope this will help.

  12. I am a personal fan of pantene products because of its light weight feeling on my hair.My biggest hair issue is oily hair.My hair tends to get oily within a day or two along with a lot of split ends.Hope to win this pantene range to get beautiful shiny looking hair locks.

    martha rodrigues

  13. my hair is very frizzy and i would like to win this pantene range to repair my hair!

  14. My biggest hair problem is hair fall and fizzy hair.:(

    Paola Corsi

  15. My biggest problem is greasy hair. : (

    hope i win xx


  16. My Biggest Hair issue is Ofcourse Oily hair .. My hair os too Oily and if i dont take shower like for 2 Days they give me a real hard time !! Hope to get over my problem by winning thos giveaway with you

    Name: Robina Tahir


  17. My Biggest Hair issue is Dry and Damaged hair ... They LOOK Sooo Lifeless !!

    Name: Benish Adil


  18. my hair is very frizzy and i would like to win this pantene range to repair my hair!


  19. Being a Man My Biggest Hair issue is Grey Hair !!!

    Name: Adil Rashid


  20. My Biggest hair issues is dull hair

    Name: Hira Rashid


  21. I've got dry, brittle and damaged

    That I urgently need, to revive and repair !

    Age, weather and the elements, have taken thier toll,

    On my hair, as I've aged and grown old !

    Split ends, dandruff, itchy scalp, I suffer from them all,

    As well regular regular hair loss and hair fall !

    What my hair badly needs now, is a replenishment conditioner,

    That will greatly nourish it and carry out cell by cell repair !

    And that's exactly what the magical Pantene Milky Damage Repair range, does

    Fighting the signs of damaged hair, with in-depth action as well as on the
    surface side !

    It's supplies the essential nutrients,
    needed to replenish the hair,

    Restoring it's strength and vitality, in great measure !

    While it's surface action, gives the hair a soft silky feel,

    A real sparkling shine and an even keel !

    The wonder formula by Pantene, is a true technology innovation,

    Working effectively and immediately, upon application !

    So to resolve these urgent hair issues of mine, I can honestly say,

    I deserve to take home, the Pantene Milky Damage Repair range today !

    Name : Mrs. Andree Attieh
    Country : UAE
    email :

  22. My biggest hair issue is splits end and frizzy hair,before i tried different shampoo but no use for me,right now i am using Pantene Pro V Shampoo its good products but want to use this new Pantene milky product,very long time facing a problem of damaged hair,even i never tried any hair color yet, i am only using henna conditioning, sometimes i have seen my some hairs going grey,i am scared, i <3 Pantene Products,reyaly wish to win this amazine product for my hair :)
    Name - Sarita Ramchandani
    E mail :-

  23. My biggest hair issue is Hair Fall

  24. aafaf , with thinning.

  25. Lately I've noticed my hair is getting thin and dry. If I put my hair down
    and brush it nicely with my brush, it's all poofy in a terrible way.I have really thin hair and feel like it is always falling out. I have
    been trying to baby my hair and brush it a lot nicer, but i still feel
    like its damaged and falling out and that im going to be bald when im
    old from how thin it is. you cant see my scalp or anything like that,
    but its not thick and pretty. is there anything i can do to make my hair
    not fall out as much or make it thicker? im trying to grow it as well
    but feel hopeless with that....
    Nancy A.

  26. My Biggest Hair issue is hair fall. The brushing of hair worsens the problem so does the pollution and changing weather. Arti Bhatia . Email -

  27. My biggest hair issues are that I have very coarse, dry and brittle hair. My
    hair is frizzy too and lacks volume, shine and gloss. I
    often go to my favorite hairdresser's salon for treating my hair and to
    give it more volume, a silkier look and greater shine. However these
    treatments are very expensive and a drain on my monthly budgets. I
    really cannot afford this always and would like to find a good home
    treatment solution for all my hair problems. I strongly feel that the
    New Pantene Milky Damage Repair Treatment will greatly help to get rid of the frizz in my hair, at the same time nourish and fortify it and make it feel a lot silkier and softer. It will also add volume, shine and gloss to my hair and make it easy to manage and maintain. It would feel really great to win this amazing giveaway by Pantene and I really do hope to be rewarded by you sweet Aseya. Many, many thanks for giving us fans this unique opportunity to win this lovely giveaway, indeed you are really so kind and generous to us. Have a lovely day ! Lots of love, Elsa El Osta. email :

  28. My biggest hair issues are that I have very coarse and brittle hair. My hair is also
    quite dry and frizzy too and lacks volume, shine and gloss. I often go to my
    favorite hairdresser's salon for treating my hair and to give it a more volume,
    a silkier look and greater shine. However these treatments are very expensive
    and a drain on my limited resources. I really cannot afford this always and
    would like to find a good home treatment solution for all my hair problems. I
    strongly feel that the Pantene Milky Damage Repair Treatment will help to nourish and replenish my hair and give it shine and gloss, volume and bounce. I would love to win it with you dear Pretty in the Desert. Elsa El Osta email -

  29. I have not only one but many hair problems but hairfall is my never ending issue. My hair are increasing day by day not on my head but on the pillow, on my clothes and on the floor.

    Name Vinka Manshani


  30. My biggest hair issue is Hair fall too much & dry.

    Name- Meenakshi singh

  31. My problem is dull hair, hair fall & grey hair

  32. farah chahal
    my biggest hair issue is that my hair is falling and i have dandruff newly
    i dont know where it came, because its new i didnt had dandruff before

  33. My biggest hair issue is falling hair - after suffering from typhoid 4 yrs ago my hair has never been the same even after trying various supplements , medicines , homeopathic meds , oils etc - hope I can find difference if i win this :)

  34. my email -

  35. my all time issue is scalp and split end especilly in winter season scalp is too much itching and it becomes dry scalp ..

    shada nazeer

  36. limp and lifeless hair is the bane of my existence.

  37. My biggest hair issue is Hair Fall

  38. I too have tried it before and found good results.

  39. Pantene oil replacement has alcohol in its ingredients and not for Muslims.

  40. My problems are hair dry & curly hair


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