CND Fall Sanctuary

CND recently released their Shellac fall/winter 2012 collection and invited a bunch of people from the media (including yours truly, hello!) to try it out.

Like any good beauty blogger, I am no stranger to Shellac. I tried it about a year ago and looved it. As a nail biter, I found that my nails were able to thrive and grow really quickly when they weren't (surprise!) being attacked and gnawed at every five minutes.

For the past six or so months my nails have been in pretty terrible shape. They've been really thin, they peel a lot and are just not doing very well. I'm not sure if it's the biting because I've been a biter since I was a kid, but I am sure that it doesn't help.

So, of course, when I got the invite I was like 'yes! Now I can finally grow my nails out to a decent human length!' And so I headed down to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse at the Address Marina to get my nails did.

Apart from the whole new range of Shellac polishes, CND have also released fun new pigments called Additives. Basically, they come in different colors and finishes (I chose a metallic bronze) and you just add them to  your Shellac polish to customize it. Brilliant!

The new Additives
Shellac Fall Sanctuary Collection
Getting it all started with a base coat
I chose a beautiful dark color called Pretty Poison
Painting on my bronze additive
Curing everything under the UV light

While I absolutely adored the colors in the fall line (I am SUCH  a sucker for dark, glossy nails!) this Shellac mani didn't last as long as the other one did. I'm pretty sure this was because my nails were pretty bad to begin with. I really do think that these gel manicures are great - as long as your nails are in decent shape before you have them done. And if they aren't, please make sure that you go back to the salon and have a pro take them off so you don't wreck your nails (like I did!)

What do you guys think of gel manicures? Have you ever tried Shellac?

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