Sleek Makeup Be Beautiful BB Cream

Well, it's about time!

BB Creams have been around for a while now after basically just EXPLODING onto the beauty scene. The only problem? The shades were incredibly limited which left so many of us (myself included) unable to try them out.

Given it's history of producing great shades for women of color, I'm not really surprised that Sleek Makeup has been one of the first drugstore brands to offer real BB creams in darker shades.

This BB Cream has an SPF 15 as well as vitamin C and E for an anti-aging boost.  As you can see, the texture is really thick and it's very easy to build up. You can wear it as a primer, concealer or tinted moisturizer, but I'd say it offers a lot more coverage than your regular tinted moisturizers.

It is really thick, and I found that you literally only need the tiniest bit for your face. Another thing is that the shades are pretty dark. I got the one in Medium, and it was still too dark for me. Which, is great news if you have darker skin because it really gives you more options. But for me, I'll probably order the one in Light and mix the two together.


I did try this out on my face, just to see what it felt like. I didn't find it too oily at all, and I've got combination skin that leans more towards the oily side. I kept it on for about two hours and it stayed put, which is always a good sign!

However, I tried this on my sister (although it was still too dark for her) and she said that it felt heavy on her skin. I guess it's just a matter of preference? It could also be the application. I used my fingers to apply it to myself and a brush for my sister. I've also tried it with a beauty blender and found it really easy to blend and apply, no matter which tools you use.

I think this is an amazing concept and I wish more brands would make BB creams in darker shades. The texture of this is really great and it would definitely make getting ready in the morning a lot easier and less time consuming. You also get to use one product as your sun protection,  concealer, primer and base. I do love a good multi-tasker!

Sleek Makeup's Be Beautiful BB Cream is available in four shades; Fair, Light, Medium and Dark, for $11.49. Check it out and order it from their website,

Have any of you tried this BB cream? Are there any other brands you can recommend that have darker shades as well?

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  1. Now this is a wonderful review and I m now planning to buy this one in light shade...

  2. OOh let me know if you get the Light one, I'd love to see swatches!


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