It's HERE!! A Brand New Pantene

Remember my post about my Hair Woes? I mentioned that I've been using a new product and I couldn't really talk about it then...but now I can tell you! Or show you, even!
Any guesses? Hehe
It's Pantene! They've completely redone and revamped their products for the Middle East. They're introducing a new 3-step hair regimen, with brand new formulas and ingredients. You've still got the different ranges within the brand (eg different ones for colored hair, damaged hair or curly hair) but each one now has a brand new shampoo, conditioner and oil-replacement. There are also a couple of other new products, but you'll get more details on those when I post my full review.

The new Pantene range is all you need for gorgeous hair

The relaunch was held at the beautiful One and Only Royal Mirage in Dubai. Bloggers and press were treated to a fabulous breakfast (which I kind of missed because I can never show up on time!!) as well as coffee and sandwiches.

We also got to listen to a talk by Dr. Steve Shiel, Pantene Scientific Communications Director, P&G Arabian Peninsula (talk about a title!) and Huda Kattan from Hudabeauty. You guys may know that I already went to beauty school and studied hairdressing as well, but even I was blown away by how many new things I learned that day! Don't worry, I promise I'll share them all with you!

Dr. Steve Shiel and Huda Kattan
Then it was off to get our hair tested to see the exact level of damage and get a personalized recommendation from Pantene's hair experts. I kept telling everyone that I was too scared to sit down and have my hair tested (see why), but eventually I was calmed down and reassured so I got up the guts to do it!

To say I was shocked is a total understatement.

I only have 9% of damage! How crazy is that?? I thought I had at least 80%!!!
Here's the little scanner they use to test your hair. It was all very technical and scientific!
One of the biggest lessons I learned that day was that there is a difference between having textured hair damaged hair. My hair has always been a little dry and frizzy, but it wasn't because of damage, it was just because that's how my hair is!

I got to have a one-on-one interview with both Dr. Steve and we discussed this and he told me that my hair looks really healthy as it is. He also said that my hair's texture is more Asian than it is African (my dad is black and my mom is Japanese, so my hair's always been a bit of a mystery haha) which is why it can handle a LOT before it shows any damage. Thank you mom!

After the tests, I got to have my hair done. They even had a wash basin where they were washing hair! I got mine blowdried and curled by Pantene's amazing stylists.

A ballroom turned hair salon!
Two hair stylists? That's just how I roll!
I was sooo in love with my bouncy blowout! (Excuse my super-tired face, it's been a busy couple of weeks!)

So how do the products fare? I've been using them for almost two weeks now and I have to say I LOVE THEM (no lie!) The truth is, I was sitting there listening to everyone talk about how amazing the new Pantene range is and I kept thinking 'OK, but they kind of have to say that, it's their job'...but literally, for the past ten days I haven't been able to stop touching my hair. It's almost like it's totally transformed my hair and made it super soft and silky. Yay!! *Jumps for joy*

I've got a full review of the products coming up soon, but in the meantime head to your local grocery store and pick up some of these things. Believe me, you'll thank me! The products range between Dhs9 to Dhs20, so it's a really small price to invest :)


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