Be Cool With Dueto

Dueto is a fairly new player on the fragrance field. But with four fragrances under their belt, they're already making quite a little buzz for themselves.

Each of their perfumes comes in a similar bottle. To be honest, the design is a little too busy for me, but this one is a pretty metallic pink, so that makes it a little better! Plus, I've never been one to judge a product by it's packaging! (OK, most of the time, at least!)

Lady Cool by Dueto

All of the Dueto perfumes have an "international" theme, as evident by the names of all the cities on their packaging! I did check and Dubai is on there! Yay! :) They're all about trendsetters and jetsetting cool kids.

The bottle in all it's metallic pink glory!

According to the press release, the ultimate Lady Cool is "cosmopolitan: active, connected, fresh and feminine with no boundary in her style. Her wardrobe is a mix of lace maxi dresses, biker jackets, killer heels, boots and a bit of ruffles. She is appealing, charming and stylish. Someone you want to chat, hangout and connect with – SHE IS COOL." And I would very much like to be her!

That idea really comes across in the perfume. It's not trying too hard. It's kind of a 'whatever' fragrance, if that makes any sense? Like you want to go out and you want to smell amazing, but you don't want to smell like anything in particular. This is what you'd spritz on.  It's kind of like the perfect pair of leather skinnies.

To get technical, here are the notes:

Top notes: Cedrate, Nashi Pear, Cardamom
Heart notes: Rose, Orange Blossom
Base notes: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Musk

The funny part is that I immediately picked up on the sandalwood and musk, without knowing what they were. I actually mentioned this to their super sweet PR exec (Hola, Marie!) I was like 'there's something in this that really reminds me of my Emirati grandmother's house' and she was like 'oh, there's sandalwood in it'. And we all know how little old Arab grandmother's love to burn incense around the house! But because the other elements are quite modern and feminine, I never realized exactly what I was smelling. Crazy, huh?

The results are beautiful. I can smell a little bit of the fruitiness and also (now) the heavier elements. They work together really well.

The bottle may look a little casual, but I have had no problems wearing this perfume along with my favorite LBD and heels.

Before I go, here's one more awesome thing about this perfume: It will last through ANYTHING. Seriously, the staying power in this stuff is amazing!

I put on two spritzes this afternoon. Then I went for a power walk with a girlfriend. Which meant about an hour outdoors, sweating like a maniac (seriously, Richard Simmons ain't got nothing on me!) Anyway, when I got back to my car, I immediately smelled Lady Cool! How amazing is that? I was literally drenched in sweat but it was as if the smell of the perfume got even stronger. I will definitely be saving this for the summer!!

Lady Cool by Duetto is available at most major department stores for Dhs190. Definitely check it out! Let me know if you try it, I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

*PR Sample

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