Sleek Makeup's Glory Palette

The Olympics are winding down, but you can relive the excitement over and over thanks to all of the London 2012 themed, well, everything!

I'm not a very big fan of sports, I don't usually enjoy them unless I'm in a social environment and even then I tend to get bored pretty quickly. But I absolutely LOVE the fact that makeup and beauty played a big role this year! From patriotic nails, to gelatin covered hair (and let's not forget all of the Olympic themed body art) it seems like this year's Olympians took great efforts to stand out.

Finally, a sports trend that I can definitely get behind!

Sleek Makeup has also gotten into the Olympic spirit, creating a whole makeup collection that pays homage to their home town and host city, London.

The Limited Edition collection, entitled The 2012 Collection, consists of three of their most popular items, a pout polish called Pride, a blush called Honour and a gorgeous i-Divine palette named Glory.

 Sleek Makeup Glory i-Divine palette

Out of all of the i-Divine palettes that I've tried, I have to say that texture-wise, this is the big winner. I haven't exactly had any problems with the pigmentation of any of the other palettes, but I can absolutely say that each shadow in this palette had a great texture and was very easy to apply and blend.

In keeping with the London 2012 theme, the shadows have been named after underground lines. The top row has gorgeous neutrals to take you from day to night, and the bottom row is full of gorgeous brights that are perfect for warm-weather fun. 

 Top row swatches: Tube, Overground, Bakerloo, Jubilee, Platform, Northern

 Bottom row swatches: District, Hammersmith and City, Picadilly, Circle, Victoria, Central

You can really see how great the texture is in each of these. I think my favorite shades are Tube (a great champagne highlight color), Bakerloo (a bronze/copper) and Northern (a stunning night blue). 

You can get the whole collection (including the blush and pout polish) for $19.99 from Talk about a bargain!


  1. This looks like a great palette, sleek cosmetics are pretty impressive!

  2. That's so prettyy

  3.  They are, aren't they? Such good quality for the price!

  4.  I know! Every time I look at it I'm like 'ooooohhh' haha :)


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